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{Waiting on Wednesday} #38 Requiem by Lauren Oliver

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This week I'm waiting on.....

Series: Delirium #3
Author: Lauren Oliver
Release Date: March 5, 2013
by, HarperTeen
They have tried to squeeze us out, to stamp us into the past.  

But we are still here.  And there are more of us every day.  

Now an active member of the resistance, Lena has been transformed. The nascent rebellion that was under way in Pandemonium has ignited into an all-out revolution in Requiem, and Lena is at the center of the fight.

After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds. But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven—pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids. Regulators now infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels, and as Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fiancée of the young mayor.  

Maybe we are driven crazy by our feelings.  

Maybe love is a disease, and we would be better off without it.  But we have chosen a different road.

And in the end, that is the point of escaping the cure: We are free to choose.  

We are even free to choose the wrong thing.  Requiem is told from both Lena’s and Hana’s points of view. 

The two girls live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge.{Goodreads}
  First off, yes you guys I know I'm slacking but I am trying. This is me trying. It has been what?? Since December 18 (I checked) since my last Waiting on Wednesday post. I know. Its terrible but I am really REALLY trying to be better. I have read MANY books and so there should be a heck of a lot of more reviews coming. Then there are more author appearances and giveaways to go with. I am also trying to be more involved. Hopefully more commenting back and go find me on twitter! I also like chatting on there! :D Anyways.....

  Oh my holy freaking cheese balls!!!!!!!!!!!! Words can NOT express how terribly excited and scared I am for this book's release day...and its only a few days away!!!! Excited?? YES!!! If you have not read the Delirium trilogy you are freaking LOCO! And need to read it like right now. You are missing out on one of the best series to ever entered this world. No joke. It is my second favorite series you guys. Yes, number two! It is in the book shelf "books-I-need-in-order-to-breathe". Its true. I need these books to breathe. These are the books I would keep with me throughout my life and read them every single day if I could. They are just pure genius and amazing-ness.

  Scared?? SO FRIGHTENINGLY SCARED!!!!!!! I don't know what's going to happen and I know for sure this book will be the death of me. I can see myself just lying down and dying after the last word. Alex or Julian? I am scared one of them will die you guys. I need it to be Alex to be the happily ever after. I don't want it to be anyone else. It can't be. The ending of Pandemonium was insane and the worst cliff-hanger you will ever read. It tore out my heart and shattered it to millions of pieces.

  So in case you haven't gotten the hint....this is one of my most anticipated books of the 2013 year. It may just be the MOST anticipated book for me this year. Again, if you haven't read it....do yourself the favor and start it then come back and thank me k? ;D

What about you?
  What are you waiting on this week?
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{Review} Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt

Going Vintage 
Author: Lindsey Leavitt
Release Date: Bloomsbury
by, March 26, 2013
Source: Netgalley
Format: Kindle
Pages: 320
When Mallory discovers that her boyfriend, Jeremy, is cheating on her with an online girlfriend, she swears off boys. She also swears off modern technology. Inspired by a list of goals her grandmother made in 1962, Mallory decides to "go vintage" and return to a simpler time (when boyfriends couldn't cheat on you online). She sets out to complete grandma's list: run for pep club secretary, host a dinner party, sew a homecoming dress, find a steady, do something dangerous. But the list is trickier than it looks. And obviously finding a steady is out . . . no matter how good Oliver (Jeremy's cousin) smells. But with the help of her sister, she'll get it done. Somehow. Lindsey Leavitt perfectly pairs heartfelt family moments, laugh-out-loud humor, and a little bit of romance in this delightful contemporary novel. {Goodreads}
  Where to start? One, I wish I had the guts to do what Mallory did...going vintage. I am so in love with the 50's/60's and would do anything to take a trip back in time. I loved Mallory. She was strong in her own way. She wasn't a kick butt heroine who fearlessly took on a whole army with nothing but a twig but she was strong in heart. She wasn't going to sit around broken hearted...she was going to do something. Mallory was going to find a cure for cheating boyfriends and evil technology. Personally, I feel why they broke up was kind of a little silly but in some ways I can still see her point. Yes, he may have not cheated on her in real life but he still cheated. He wasn't honest with her and that hurts. 

  I loved Mrs. Leavitt's writing style. It was easy and fun to fall into. It was one of my "fluff" reads (good fluff..like cotton candy. Light, fun, and sweet.) The idea behind the list and going vintage was cute and unique. Again, I wish I could have Mallory's guts. Major props to her! Not only was Mallory awesome but I loved the side characters too. Her sister was awesome and super easy to fall in love with no matter how much a pain in the butt she was. I liked the relationship of they're parents. To me that's true love. Being able to fight and argue and still love each other to no end. They have their rough patches but they fix them right up. They don;t give up no matter how hard. Too many people give up...the going gets tough and they quit ending in divorce. I wish more people had the strength of Mallory's parents. Its either they give up or jump in too quickly. Its rather sad. 

  Anyways! Do you know what else I loved?...Oliver. Right from the beginning! Goodness did I love him. He was so quirky and honest. He was himself and he didn't give a hoot to what people thought. He brought out the best in Mallory and they were really adorable. Then the ending...*swoon*!!! I want that..bad ;D

  Going Vintage is one of those books you will just devour and feel full after. It will make your smile and walking away with happy feelings. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and look forward to reading anything and everything else by Lindsey Leavitt. She has a true talent in contemporary sweetness. It was innocent and charming. A book I could recommend to anyone looking for something light-hearted and enjoyable! Would I read it again...I believe I would! 


4 out of 5 stars!!!

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{Blog Tour} The Nightmare Affair by Mindee Arnett

The Nightmare Affair
Series: The Arkwell Academy #1
Author: Mindee Arnett
Release Date, March 5, 2013
by, Tor Teen
Source: *a copy was provided through the tour host for review purposes*
Pages: 367
Buy: ~Amazon~B&N~The Book Depository~
Sixteen-year-old Dusty Everhart breaks into houses late at night, but not because she’s a criminal. No, she’s a Nightmare.


Being the only Nightmare at Arkwell Academy, a boarding school for magickind, and living in the shadow of her mother’s infamy, is hard enough. But when Dusty sneaks into Eli Booker’s house, things get a whole lot more complicated. He’s hot, which means sitting on his chest and invading his dreams couldn’t get much more embarrassing. But it does. Eli is dreaming of a murder.

Then Eli’s dream comes true.

Now Dusty has to follow the clues—both within Eli’s dreams and out of them—to stop the killer before more people turn up dead. And before the killer learns what she’s up to and marks her as the next target.{Goodreads}
  This was a book I was really looking forward to in the 2013 year. The premise was really unique and intriguing. The cover was even appealing. I'm normally not a fan of the cartoon-ish covers but after reading the book I had a whole new love for it. The cover fits the story.

  Now down to the nitty-gritty. Did it meet my expectations? Hell yes! This book was fantastic. The Nightmare Affair is extraordinarily unique! Who would have thought about nightmares being part of the paranormal scene? I loved the magical world building Arnett created. She truly has an artistic hand. Her writing was superb! I fell into the story very easily. She just drew me in and kept me guessing. This book is paranormal and magical yes. It is also a mystery. I LOVE mysteries then Arnett has to go and through in all this other fluff that turned out incredible!

  The characters were really cool to read along with. Dusty was fiesty and head strong. She was an outcast who had to learn to cope with her mother's rep being passed down to her. Because she is a nightmare she has to go through a lot of crap. Nightmares are rare and not the most favored paranormal being. They got worse reps than vampires. I think my favorite character would have to be her best friend, Selene. She is super cool and something about her was so charismatic and she totally won me over! Of course...I loved Eli too. What can I say, the boy was down right HOT! But he was also kind. Even though he didn't show it too much he cared. He hated bullying and he there was more to that pretty little face of his. I totally fell in love with Paul for a bit too!

  The whole mystery aspect is what kept me reading. It was so full of suspense I couldn't help turn page after page. The dreams/nightmares added to the spook. Oh and Arnett definitely doesn't spare you some time going in. Right from the get-go you are drawn with creepy dead killings leading to a horrible mystery to solve. Interlaced with that mystery is a history so deep it takes some research to uncover some ancient tales. I can say that one part of the ending I saw coming but the others kind of side swiped me. Through on through this book was captivating. It had me holding my breath at times and trying to figure it all out myself. I liked the expansion of paranormal characters. The way it all came together is what made me fall in love with this series. Now, the book doesn't end on some terrible cliff hanger but it does have you begging for more. It leaves enough questions to let you know the next one has places to go. It shows promise.

  The Nightmare Affair is a refreshing 2013 Young-Adult book you are going to want to check out. I DO recommend you check it out. It isn't filled with gore-mystery or a butterfly-flutter, swoon-worthy, toe tingling romance or anything that you are used to. It is its own work of art. Now, don't go and take a step back. It might now have all those elements as its main core but it has romance, it gets a little graphic and it has some awesome mystery in there! It is well written and super good! I wouldn't recommend any-'ol book ;D

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4 of 5 stars!!! <3

~The Author:
Find her at: ~Website~Twitter~
Mindee Arnett lives on a horse farm in Ohio with her husband, two kids, a couple of dogs, and an inappropriate number of cats. She’s addicted to jumping horses and telling tales of magic, the macabre, and outer space. She has far more dreams than nightmares.

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{Blog Tour} Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore

~The Books~

Angel Eyes
Author: Shannon Dittemore
Release Date: May 29, 2012
by, Thomas Nelson Fiction
Pages: 327
Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee. Everything changes when you’ve looked at the world through . . .  


Brielle’s a ballerina who went to the city to chase her dreams and found tragedy instead. She’s come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and her guilt . . . and the incredible, numbing cold she can’t seem to shake.  

Jake’s the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadows nearby, hiding in plain sight. Two angels stand guard, unsure what’s going to happen. And a beauty brighter than Jake or Brielle has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all human choices start.  

A realm that only angels and demons—and Brielle—can perceive.{Goodreads}

 Broken Wings
Author: Shannon Dittemore
Release Date: February 19, 2013
by, Thomas Nelson Fiction
Pages: 311
Giant angels with metal wings and visible song. A blind demon restored from the pit of darkness. And a girl who has never felt more broken.  

Brielle sees the world as it really is: a place where the Celestial exists side by side with human reality. But in the aftermath of a supernatural showdown, her life begins to crumble. Her boyfriend, Jake, is keeping something from her—something important. Her overprotective father has started drinking again. He’s dating a much younger woman who makes Brielle’s skin crawl, and he’s downright hostile toward Jake. Haunting nightmares keep Brielle from sleeping, and flashes of Celestial vision keep her off kilter.

What she doesn’t know is that she’s been targeted. The Prince of Darkness himself has heard of the boy with healing in his hands and of the girl who sees through the Terrestrial Veil. When he plucks the blind demon, Damien, from the fiery chasm and sends him back to Earth with new eyes, the stage is set for a cataclysmic battle of good versus evil.  

Then Brielle unearths the truth about her mother’s death and she must question everything she ever thought was true.

Brielle has no choice. She knows evil forces are converging and will soon rain their terror down upon the town of Stratus. She must master the weapons she’s been given. She must fight.  

But can she fly with broken wings?{Goodreads}
(Angel Eyes)

  I was so pleasantly surprised with this book! I have been in a reading funk and I think it got me out of it. The writing was supurb, the story line was unique and intriguing and the characters were phenominal. I loved them all. Bad and good. I was with this book from the first page and stuck with it till the very last sentence...at 3:30 if I must add. ;D 

  I think one of the major things that made this book so unique was the meaning behind it. You could tell the author wanted to make a point. Faith. That was one major message twined in its pages. And it was not just faith in the almighty God. It was faith in yourself, your companions and faith in letting go and moving on. It actually opened my eyes a bit more. This series is inspiring.

  Shannon is a wonderful writer! She has officially made me a huge fan of hers. Her story telling is amazing! I can't wait to find what happens in the next book. There is something about Dittemore's writing that just grabs you and keeps you turning the pages. I have no clue how many times I told myself "Just a few more pages. Ok just one more chapter." Obviously that didn't work out too well. It just kept getting better and better and the intensity rating shot through the roof not allowing me to put the book down. Her writing is smooth and effortless. 

  The characters in this book grow on you. I had a few problems with Brielle. Sometimes should just plain out annoyed me. She came off whiney at first but I grew to love her throughout the books. She had reasons to be sad and depressed. I couldn't imagine going through what she went through. When she finally opened up she was a great character. I LOVED Jake. When we first meet him in the beginning of Angel Eyes, he instantly gives off great charisma. He is humorous and lively. Like I said I loved him. #CrushListWorthy (I am starting that trend ok??) There are other characters throughout the story are all charismatic to a point. I couldn't help but love hating Damien. He was a really good bad guy (too many contradictions hah?) ;D 

  If you haven't started this series yet I recommend you do. You might find yourself just as happy as I was. I honestly didn't know what to expect when starting this. There aren't too many angel books trending now-a-days but each one is different in someway. There are SO many ways you can write a story with angels/demons/fallen angels. You never know what your going to get. What you get with this one is great! Go out and get your copy! I think its worth it! :D

Broken Wings Blog Tour Banner.jpg
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4 of 5 stars!!! <3

~The Author~

Shannon Dittemore has an overactive imagination and a passion for truth. Her lifelong journey to combine the two is responsible for a stint at Portland Bible College, performances with local theater companies, and a focus on youth and young adult ministry. The daughter of one preacher and the wife of another, she spends her days imagining things unseen and chasing her two children around their home in Northern California. Angel Eyes is her first novel.

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{Book Tour} Wings of Tavea by Devri Walls

~The Book(s)~

Wings of Tavea
Series: Solus #2
Release Date:  December 11, 2012
by, Stonehouse
Pages: 450
Purchase: ~Amazon~B&N~
Kiora is rapidly learning that evil and lies come in shades of black and white and swirling greys, but nothing could have prepared her for the shock of leaving Meros.

Kiora and her protector Emane step through the pass into a world they never knew existed but were always meant to save, only to find it far worse than they could have ever imagined. Good has been forced into hiding for its own survival, while the rest of the land bows to the Shadow, a force that pushes any remaining thoughts of Dralazar from Kiora’s mind. This land is full of new creatures, each more dangerous than the last. Her visions have taken on a deadly twist, and magic, or what comes of it, was never so real. And then there is Alcander: a Tavean, their guide, and an entirely different kind of trouble.{Goodreads

Sequel to...

Wings of Arian
Series: Solus #1
Release Date: April 24, 2012
by, Stonehouse Ink
Pages: 462
Purchase: ~Amazon~B&N~
Kiora thought she had never heard a lie until she was sixteen. But she was wrong. Her entire existence was based on nothing but. She thought that evil did not exist. Lie. That magic was not real. Lie. And that the land of Meros was all there was. One more lie.  

With Aleric telling her that evil is knocking on the door and that she is the only one who can stop them she has a choice to make. Refuse, or start the wildest most painful ride of her life.  She reluctantly dips her toe into her new existence of magic and threads, dragons and shapeshifters, and the person who wants to take control of it all: the evil Dralazar.

However, this journey was never meant to be hers alone. She will be accompanied by a Protector. To her disbelief, and utter irritation they name the hotheaded, stubborn, non -magical, (albeit gorgeous) Prince Emane. They will have to trust each other with their lives, but right now Kiora would settle for a non hostile conversation.   

And now it comes down to this, If you had never heard a lie, would you know when you heard one? Is knowing good from evil innate? Kiora finds herself having to decide who lives and who dies on those very questions.{Goodreads}
~The Tour Fun~

Excerpt Three
         Emane dropped onto the bed, breathing hard. Kiora was slammed with wall upon
wall of anger rolling off him.             
         She sat down gently next to him, taking his hand in hers. “It’s all right,” Kiora whispered, running her thumb over the back of Emane’s hand.
         “No, it’s not all right!” Emane yelled, jerking his hand out of her grasp. “This place is . . . I don't know. They are not telling us something. And he—” Emane flung his arm at the door Alcander had exited from, “is the most arrogant, pompous, self centered—” Emane stood, pacing around the room, neatly avoiding Drustan who was still standing in the middle of the floor. “He treats me like a piece of garbage that needs to be disposed of. Witow.” He spat. “I hate that word. I have hated it from the moment I heard it. The way they say it, they might as well say worthless.”
         “The word actually stems from the word ‘without,’” Drustan corrected calmly.
         “Drustan,” Emane roared, whirling on him. “You are no better than he is half the
         Drustan opened his mouth but shut it again after Kiora shook her head at him. Clearing his throat, he said, “Perhaps I should go and let you two talk.”
         “Thank you,” Emane yelled at the morphing Drustan. A small bird flew out the
door. “Why, Kiora?” Emane asked. “Why am I the Protector? There is not a single person that understands it.”
         “Emane, stop,” Kiora said gently. “It doesn't matter what they think.”
         “Easy for you to say, you are the Solus. Alcander was falling all over you when he figured out who you were.”
         Kiora clasped her fingers in her lap. “And you would rather he bowed to you?”
         “No. Just a little respect would be nice.” Emane ground his teeth, looking away from her. “You wouldn't understand."
         “You don't think so?”
         Emane set his jaw, staring forward.
         “You forget I am the girl that had visions of people dying. I was treated as worthless by the people that mattered most to me.”
         Emane’s face softened, his eyes closing. “Kiora, I'm sorry. I didn't—”
         “No, its ok,” she said. “You are used to people respecting you because of who you are. Nobody got to know you before they bowed. It is hard for you to have to prove yourself, I understand.”
         His waves of anger lessened in intensity. Going to her, Emane pulled her up and into his chest. “I am sorry, I shouldn't have gotten so angry.”
         “You have a right to be angry. He does treat you horribly.” Kiora leaned her head against him. “I am sure Alcander will come around though. He will see who you are. Everybody else has.”
         Emane placed one finger gently under Kiora’s chin. Leaning down he kissed her lightly on the lips. She trembled. His kisses were better than magic. He kissed her harder this time, pulling her into him, and her magic roared in response. Ever since the change she could not feel pleasure, at least not the kind she felt while kissing him, and keep her magic under control at the same time. Wrapping her hands around the back of his head she kissed him back, fiercely pushing at the rising magic. But when his lips began moving down her neck, her focus was torn between her magic and the softness of his lips brushing against her skin.
         “Emane, stop, I can’t hold it,” Kiora gasped.
         He moaned in frustration and kissed her neck one more time. It was one time too many. The bubble of magic rising within her exploded out of control. It picked Emane up
and sent him flying across the room. He slammed into the wall. The wall shook under the impact. Emane fell to the ground, limp.
         “Emane!” Kiora ran over to him, sliding across the floor. “Emane!” she cried, lifting his head into her lap. “I'm sorry. I am so sorry!” Running her fingers through his hair she whimpered, “Please wake up, please.” Tears began rolling down her cheeks. He was breathing, but unconscious. Kiora yelled out the open door. “Drustan! Help!” Leaning down over Emane she kissed him on the forehead. “Please wake up, Emane, please."
         A shadow blocked the door like a dark cloud. “What happened?” a voice demanded.
         Kiora looked up, startled. “Alcander.”
         Alcander evaluated the situation, his eyes sliding over Emane. “What happened?” he repeated.
         “It was me,” Kiora said, wiping at her face. “It was an accident. Please, can you help him?”
         “I can’t. I will get someone who can.” Alcander quickly walked out. Within a few minutes Lomay hobbled into the room.
         “What happened?”
         “It was an accident,” Kiora said. “I hit him with magic. I didn’t mean to.”
         Lomay's eyebrows rose. “Interesting accident.” Crouching slowly beside her,
Lomay felt Emane's neck for his pulse. “He is just unconscious.” Lomay looked up at Kiora. “I could bring him out of it, but he might be enjoying the rest.”
         “Please, wake him up. I have to make sure he's all right.”
         “Would you like to tell me what happened?”
         She glanced at Alcander, who had followed Lomay back. He was looking at her with an odd expression on his face.
         “No, not right now.”
         “I see. Perhaps later then.” Kiora could have sworn she saw a smile play at the edge of Lomay’s mouth. “Very well, if you are sure.” Lomay touched Emane’s forehead.
Blinking, Emane looked up. “Welcome back,” Lomay said, before winking at Kiora. Groaning, Lomay pushed himself to his feet. “See you at dinner," he said cheerfully as he hobbled out of the room. Alcander turned, silently following Lomay out the door.
         Emane moaned and rubbed his head. “What happened?”
         “I'm sorry.” Kiora said, gently pushing his hair back off his forehead. “I lost control of my magic. When you kiss me . . . I lose control.”
         “Why am I so cursed?” Emane moaned.
         “I know, I'm sorry. You can’t even kiss me!”
         “No, it’s not that. Well, partially that,” he amended. “But why was I cursed to be
such an unbelievable kisser?”
         He sat up rubbing his head. “No, really. If I wasn't so blasted good at it, maybe this wouldn't happen.” Emane smirked.
         “I cannot believe you are making jokes about this,” Kiora said, dropping back onto her heels. “I could have killed you.”
         “It was worth it.” He dropped against the wall with a satisfied look on his face.
         She rolled her eyes, pushed herself to her feet, and offered Emane her hand. “Come on, you are going to lay down before dinner.”
         “Will you lay with me?” he asked, stumbling forward as she pulled him up.
         “No,” Kiora said, putting her hands on her hips. “You obviously didn't learn your lesson the last time, and you are dumb enough to try it again.”
         “I told you, it was worth it.” Emane grinned as he lay back on his bed.
         “You really did hit your head hard.”
         “Not hard enough to forget that kiss,” he said, placing his arms behind his head
and crossing one ankle over the other.
         “You are ridiculous.” Kiora sighed, her cheeks flushing.
         “I know,” he mumbled. Closing his eyes, Emane drifted to sleep, murmuring
something about it not being fair.

~The Author~

Devri Walls lives in Kuna Idaho with her husband and two kids. She has worked as a music teacher and currently, a preschool teacher. She majored in theater and her love of a story still drives her today. Thankfully, she has finally found an outlet for all the voices in her head. Her first novel, Wings of Arian, is available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Apple. The second book in the Solus trilogy, Wings of Tavea is scheduled for release Nov 2012.

~The Giveaway~

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{Blog Tour} Interred by Marilyn Almodovar

Series: Chronicles of the Interred #1
Author: Marilyn Almodovar
Release Date: January 22, 2013
by, Iambe Books
Source: *A copy was provided by the tour host for review purposes*
Format: Kindle
Pages: 256
Time has never been an issue for Baxter Jacobs, but then she never knew she had the ability to Bend it.

As her sixteenth birthday approaches, Baxter inherits a pendant that will change her life. Connected to the pendant is a dark and mysterious young man named Declan Ashdown. Trapped in a Time loop for the past 122 years, Declan needs Baxter’s help to escape. The only problem is, she has no idea how to do it.

To acquire the power she needs to free him, she’ll become one of the Interred, those whose Magical abilities emerge as they come of age. When she does, she’ll discover that Declan isn’t the only one interested in the fact that she’s a Time Bender.

As the Interment arrives, Baxter knows this will be no Sweet Sixteen. A vengeful relative and ruthless Council are determined to control her. Declan’s powerful and charming descendant, Jack Ashdown, claims he can save her. She’ll soon have to decide who she can trust, and how to master her new abilities before Time runs out.{Goodreads}
  Ok, so first off I have only read three time traveling books/series each one of them unique and different from each other. Each one of them great. Each one of them capturing a real interest and love from me. Obviously this book/series is one of those three.

  Although I can't say this one is a favorite of mine it was still extremely good. Throughout the book I had mixed feelings here and there. At one time it would be super super good then the next it would be well...not so good. I got confused a lot. There seemed to be bits of information missing. There seemed to be a literal time loop from haha..time to time! It just didn't run as smoothly as I would have liked. I think part of me blames the main girl. I can't say I truly liked her. She was cool and she kept a level head but something about her, like this book, didn't quite click with me enough to give me major love.

  I enjoyed this book...I just didn't love it. The ending is what gave it the rating I am going to give it at the end. It was intense and insane!! Totally team Jack just so you know. Him at the end...hell, THE end made me fall in love and want more. I think the beginning of the book was just a starter this is another one of those books that was good but has so much more potential as it goes on. I felt some of the characters were really underdeveloped and the plot was a bit here and there never really giving me the sense of a real goal but I still liked it. Again, not my favorite but still really good. Because of its uniquness and hot boys ;D ok and its killer ending this book deserves its stars. I would have liked some touch ups. It felt a bit forced and pushed I think but....sigh yes again I will say...I enjoyed this book. I think everyone should give it a shot because after looking past the little things it was really worth it and a great story.

  So here it is short and sweet. Some get it long and some get it short thats just how the review biz goes :) *BTW...in case it wasn't clear...after all of my nick picking this book is really good. There is no doubt about it. I am not in any way saying it was bad I just had a phew honest dislikes and hopes for it. :D

This review was a part of the Interred Blog Tour.

4 out of 5 stars!!
~The Author:
Marilyn Almodóvar is the author of a series of YA paranormal novels. Born in Ft. Huachuca, Arizona, Lyn is a lover of words whose reading tastes range from Victorian novels to the books of Stephen King. Her favorite past-times have always been reading and writing, two activities that let her escape to other worlds.

It was this love that propelled her to choose Theater and French as majors in University, with a minor in English Victorian Literature. Lyn lived for almost a decade in England followed by three years in France before returning home to the States. A self-confessed citizen of the world, she is fluent in English, French and Spanish, with basic knowledge of the Italian language.

Lyn could happily exist breathing the clean air of Narnia, trapped in a cupboard under the stairs with Harry, fighting alongside Captain Jack Sparrow, doing an internship in Torchwood, or traveling around time and space with the Doctor…as long as she can have Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Captain Mal as companions.

Lyn currently lives in Central Florida with her French husband, English-born eldest son, and French-born youngest son. Her debut YA Novel, Interred, was published by Iambe books on 01/22/2013. Fissure (Chronicles of the Interred #2) is scheduled for release on June 22, 2013.
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

{Review} Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black

Dance of Shadows
Series: Dance of Shadows #1
Author: Yelena Black
Release Date: February 12, 2013
by, Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Source: *a copy was provided by Netgalley for review purposes*
Format: Kindle
Pages: 447
Dancing with someone is an act of trust. Elegant and intimate; you're close enough to kiss, close enough to feel your partner's heartbeat. But for Vanessa, dance is deadly – and she must be very careful who she trusts . . .

Vanessa Adler attends an elite ballet school – the same one her older sister, Margaret, attended before she disappeared. Vanessa feels she can never live up to her sister's shining reputation. But Vanessa, with her glorious red hair and fair skin, has a kind of power when she dances – she loses herself in the music, breathes different air, and the world around her turns to flames . . .

Soon she attracts the attention of three men: gorgeous Zep, mysterious Justin, and the great, enigmatic choreographer Josef Zhalkovsky. When Josef asks Vanessa to dance the lead in the Firebird, she has little idea of the danger that lies ahead – and the burning forces about to be unleashed . . . {Goodreads}
  First...is this book really 447 pages?? Well, I guess that's one way to start off a positive review...This book flew by so fast I had no clue!! I completely submerged in this book not paying attention to the pages (or i this case, percentage finished). I just kept reading until I was done or needed to fangirl or vent on goodreads through status. Second...look at that fantabulous cover!! I don't care what anyone says or thinks...this cover has blown my mind. Its absolutely stunning and fits the story so wonderfully. I mean...I want to BE that cover just so I can be that pretty haha xD

  Now, when I started this book I was really really excited! This is one I have had my eye on forever. When I got it on Netgalley I did a little jig ;D Then I started reading and BA-BAM!!! I was hit with the love-bug again haha So here I am enjoying this amazing book when I go to Goodreads and...and see negative reviews. *Mind blown* Seriously. I couldn't wrap my brain around the fact that ANYONE would dislike this book. I mean it was SOOOO good! I fell hard for this book. I was literally lost in its pages and it was agony to stop reading it and do what I was supposed to do.

  I will admit that I did start to find Vanessa annoying towards the end. I was screaming at the book for her to grow some sense and freaking listen to what she was being told. Seriously...she pissed me off at times but from the beginning and all other times I really enjoyed her character. She was strong and determined, loyal. I liked her. I especially loved the side characters. I think they were extremely well developed. The story was clean. No profanity or any real steaminess. There is romance intermixed with this delicious mystery but nothing seriously sexy and where I do like things to heat up from time to mind I found it refreshing and it wasn't something that needed to be missed. The story and mystery filled everything up!

  (People are crazy on Goodreads people. Do NOT listen to what they say..listen to me ;D hahaha If you like a good mystery, some creep factor, humor, and a unique story line then listen to me and give this book a chance. I found the writing well done despite what people have said. The story, again, was extremely enthralling and interesting. The whole concept was so unique. I was glued to Dance of Shadow's pages. A beautiful and wonderful debut. I am looking forward to book two. There is so much I am hoping for from it.

  I loved this book to pieces. I seriosly don't think I can stress the greatness of this book any further. After I finished I was determining whether or not to start another book but I decided against it because I wanted to think about everything I had just read all night long. I wanted to obsorb it all. Dance of Shadows is a gorgous, dangerous and hauntingly beautiful piece of work. I am so in love with (content must be kept secret for it could be vital to all the mystery) now. The end made me sure of my love for him. All my doubts were swept away. I highly and I mean HIGHLY recommend you give it a try no matter what others are thinking. Read the bad reviews. Proceed with caution but TRY IT!!! Please. *begs* ;P

Now, I couldn't determine between a 4.5 and 5 after finishing this book and starting this review. Vanessa pissing me off in those few chapters would be the .5 deduction. I knew though whether it was 4.5 or 5 this book was a NEED book. But, while writing this review I got all these sparks back and all the genius and beauty it was came back and I finally made my decision (which is completely deserved).
5 of 5 wonderful stars!!!!!!! <3

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