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{Monthly Recap} September 2018

The end of September all ready? It would seem so.
So what went on?

I relaunched my blog!
Yupp! I finally did it! Didn't see it? Here!

~This Months Releases: ~

Want to see what released this month?
September's Stunners


A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J Maas (series)
Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis
Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Corriell

Garden of Thorns and Roses Blitz (Finished)
The Iron Flower Blitz (ongoing)

A Garden of Thorns and Roses by Amber Mitchell Blitz
The Iron Flower Blitz

Upcoming Giveaways

And that's it! Tomorrow is a new month--the month of October to be exact!
I have SOOO many awesome things coming this month and I'm excited!
Come back tomorrow for the beginning of all October festivities! :D

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

{Review} Goodbye Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell

Goodbye, Rebel Blue
Series: none
Author: Shelley Coriell
Release Date: 2013
by, Harry N Abrams
*given for review*
Pages: 320

Rebecca Blue is a rebel with an attitude whose life is changed by a chance encounter with a soon-to-be dead girl. Rebel (as she’s known) decides to complete the dead girl’s bucket list to prove that choice, not chance, controls her fate. In doing so, she unexpectedly opens her mind and heart to a world she once dismissed—a world of friendships, family, and faith. With a shaken sense of self, she must reevaluate her loner philosophy—particularly when she falls for Nate, the golden boy do-gooder who never looks out for himself. Perfect for fans of Jay Asher’s blockbuster hit Thirteen Reasons Why, Coriell’s second novel features her sharp, engaging voice along with realistic drama and unforgettable characters. {Goodreads}

I'm one of those gals who prefer more excitement in my books. You know, the horror, mystery, ass kicking sort of excitement. It doesn't have to be a specific genre--vamps, fae, nephilium, dystopia...all and more. That being said, sometimes something soft and sweet can be a nice filler book. One that I can enjoy, smile and gush over helps clean the pallet when their has been a little too much ass kicking back to back.

Rebel Blue is one of those cute "clean your pallet" type of books I couldn't help but love. With its soft love interest, rebel attitude, and journey of adventure and living life more full, Coriell gave a great coming of age book. While this book has its reference to Jay Asher's Thirteen Reasons Why, I didn't find it as heavy (this was read before the Netflix series came out). Again, I found this to be a very refreshing read. I felt like I kept letting go of breaths for Rebel, like she was holding her breath just as tight as she was holding who she thought she needed to be. As the story progresses I found it nice to read from Rebel's POV as she started shedding layers and breathing easier.

Then there's the list. The bucket list that runs this book. The bucket list is definitely where I can understand the comparison to Ash's book. A chance encounter between Rebel (Rebecca) and a more popular girl at school after a day in detention leads Rebel on a chase of life after the girl dies and leaves behind her bucket list. The list becomes Rebel's main priority and through it her character blossoms leaving the reader happy and warm inside by the end. Her character development was lovely. Even better, I was enjoyed in how Coriell decided to slowly release each girl's bucket list they were forced to write in detention--Rebel's by chapter names.

This book didn't having my dying at the fact that it was over nor did it have me adding it to my most coveted book shelf but it did leave me content. I would recommend this book to any one who is looking for a quick, fun read between book releases or just looking for something old that's new to read. Give it a shot!


*a copy was provided for review purposes*

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

{Review} Otherbound by Corinne Duyvis

Series: none
Author: Corinne Duyvis
Release Date: June 17, 2014
by, Amulet Books
Pages: 387
Amara is never alone. Not when she's protecting the cursed princess she unwillingly serves. Not when they're fleeing across dunes and islands and seas to stay alive. Not when she's punished, ordered around, or neglected.

She can't be alone, because a boy from another world experiences all that alongside her, looking through her eyes.

Nolan longs for a life uninterrupted. Every time he blinks, he's yanked from his Arizona town into Amara's mind, a world away, which makes even simple things like hobbies and homework impossible. He's spent years as a powerless observer of Amara's life. Amara has no idea . . . until he learns to control her, and they communicate for the first time. Amara is terrified. Then, she's furious.
 All Amara and Nolan want is to be free of each other. But Nolan's breakthrough has dangerous consequences. Now, they'll have to work together to survive--and discover the truth about their connection.  {Goodreads}

This one might be a little quicker. I applaud Duyvis for her idea. It is unique and ingenious. The story has two POVs, two main characters--Nolan and Amara. I have never read a book that has taken on POV change in this way. You see, Nolan lives on Earth and Amara in an entirely different world. The problem is with Nolan. Poor Nolan has a ton of troubles. Every time he closes his eyes, he is transported to those of Amara's. This is the most interesting part of the book and what really captures you from the beginning.

That being said, I didn't finish it. Somewhere along the lines she...lost me. I understood that in reality, Amara was our main character as Nolan served as a commenter but I wanted...more. Then as I began to think Nolan would become more of a character, it kind of just shifted to him being more apparent in Amara. Then there is Amara, I liked her. She was strong willed and well, strong. Though, maybe a bit too strong like, Katniss Everdeen strong--you know, the heroine that is so strong she can't show emotion. This is perhaps why I decided to drop it. It took too much effort for me to read. It dragged on a little too much in the same way--cat chases mouse, mouse loses someone close to them, a new love interest is found in the unthinkable, and...poor Nolan still can't get a blink of sleep. No, in fact poor Nolan is basically losing himself and is closing in on the edge that will quite possibly put him into a coma.

I wanted to like it, I wanted to love it. Sadly, it was just a little lacking for me. That being said, I wouldn't give it too harsh of a critique. I would't NOT suggest someone to try it out as I think it is such a great concept and would hope someone will find it and love it more than I. Personally I was just lacking connection and for that, I give it:


Monday, September 17, 2018

{Nerd Blast} The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest

Hi guys!
I'm here today with the amazing, and gorgeous The Iron Flower Nerd Blast!
Many excited things throughout this post and I'm so excited to share it with you!
Without further ado...

~The Book~

The Iron Flower
Author: Laurie Forest
Release Date: September 18
Publisher: Entangled Teen

Elloren Gardner and her friends were only seeking to right a few wrongs, but their actions have propelled them straight into the ranks of the realm-wide Resistance against Gardnerian encroachment. As the Resistance struggles against the harsh rulings of High Priest Marcus Vogel and the Mage Council, Elloren begins to realize that none of the people she cares about will be safe if Gardneria seizes control of the Western Realm.

With tensions heating up in Verpacia, more and more Gardnerian soldiers continue to descend upon the university…led by none other than Lukas Grey, now commander of the newly rebuilt Fourth Division base. Though Elloren tries to keep him at arm’s length, Lukas is determined to wandfast to her, convinced that she has inherited her grandmother’s magic—the prophesied power of the Black Witch. As his very nearness seems to awaken a darkness inside her, Elloren finds it more and more difficult to believe that she’s truly powerless, as her uncle always claimed.

Caught between her growing feelings for the rebellious Yvan Guriel and the seductive power offered by Lukas Grey, Elloren must find a way to stay true to what she knows is right and protect everyone she loves…even if that means protecting them from herself.

~Praise for The Black Witch Chronicles~

“Elloren learns to question authority and Gardnerian history, while developing real empathy for different races and species. Forest uses a richly imagined magical world to offer an uncompromising condemnation of prejudice and injustice.” —Booklist, starred review

“Exquisite character work, an elaborate mythology, and a spectacularly rendered universe make this a noteworthy debut, which argues passionately against fascism and xenophobia.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“This briskly paced, tightly plotted novel enacts the transformative power of education, creating engaging characters set in a rich alternative universe with a complicated history that can help us better understand our own.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review

~About the Author~

Laurie Forest lives deep in the backwoods of Vermont where she sits in front of a wood stove drinking strong tea and dreaming up tales full of dryads, dragons and wands. The Black Witch (Book 1.0, The Black Witch Chronicles – OUT NOW) & Wandfasted (Book 0.5, The Black Witch Chronicles Prequel) are her first published novels. Coming in 2018 are Light Mage (Book 1.5, The Black Witch Chronicles) & The Iron Flower(Book 2.0, The Black Witch Chronicles). She is currently ensconced in the woods, hard at work on The Shadow Dryad (Book 3.0, The Black Witch Chronicles).

Where to find her:

~The Giveaway~

5 Winners wil receive a copy of The Iron Flower by Laurie Forest!
*Giveaway ends October 8, 2018!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So what do you guys think?
Have you read the first book yet?
Yes? what'd you think?
No? What makes you want to!?

Let me know below! :)

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{Upcoming} Giveaways To Come!

Hey guys,

Image result for i have a surprise for you meme

Do you remember me telling you there are ARCs I received and never got to?...

That I was going to try and catch up, read, review?

Yeah, well that means a few things

1. I'm crap for letting it happen in the first place (sorry, again, life got me!)

2. I'm really trying to make up for my mistake

3. I have a bunch of ARCs to be read and reviewed.

4. I also have a few of those ARCs that were sent to me along with a finished copy.

5. I have two copies of some books and...

Image result for ready? meme

For every ARC that I also received a second, finished copy of...

I'm giving away that copy to one of you!

Image result for excited meme

Yeah, thats right. Be excited!

So what do you have to look out for?

All you have to do is wait for one of these reviews to be posted.

The review will come before but!
Normally, my review's titles will look something like: {Review} TITLE
NOW, these giveaway/review posts will be labeled: {Review/Giveaway}

Yupp, that simple to look out for. 

Now, all that being said, they will start with a review and there is no promise that I personally will like the book and will not have a completely positive review attached. The reviews will still remain open and honest but 1. who doesn't want a free book? and 2. what book doesn't deserve a second chance? Please also note that for these giveaways...

1. You need to review my giveaway policy here (at the bottom under *Winner info*)
before you enter to understand the conditions.

2. These unfortunately will be open for US (unless otherwise stated)
only as they are physical books in my possession and will cost me shipping.

I know, I'm sorry my international followers...I do promise I will have something for you guys soon.
*wink, wink* So keep your eyes open for future giveaways in the future! (No promises BUT I also might, might. Throw in an international book directory copy if its something I end up loving beyond belief and need everyone to know and read about it) Again, no promise for that but a promise to international giveaways SOON! :)

So, yay! Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities! I'm excited for you and myself.

Related image

See you guys soon!

Monday, September 10, 2018

{Book Blitz/Cover Reveal} Garden of Thorns by Amber Mitchell

Hey guys! Today I'm here with a little book blitz hosted by YA Bound Book Tours!
Here's a little about the book...

Garden of Thorns 
Series: (Garden of Thorns #1)
by Amber Mitchell
Genre: YA Fantasy Romance
Release Date: March 6th 2017
Entangled Teen

After seven grueling years of captivity in the Garden—a burlesque troupe of slave girls—sixteen-year-old Rose finds an opportunity to escape during a performance for the emperor. But the hostage she randomly chose from the crowd to aid her isn’t one of the emperor’s men—not anymore. He’s the former heir to the throne, who is now leading a rebellion against it.

Rayce is a wanted man and dangerously charismatic, the worst person for Rose to get involved with, no matter what his smile promises. But he assumes Rose’s attempt to take him hostage is part of a plot to crush the rebellion, so he takes her as his hostage. Now Rose must prove where her loyalties lie, and she offers Rayce a deal—if he helps her rescue the other girls, she’ll tell him all the Garden’s secrets.

Except the one secret she’s kept for seven years that she’ll take to her grave if she must. {Goodreads}

What caught my eye?

I'm always down for fantasy, its one of my favorite genres.
Entangled Teen tends to have some epic books.
Rose seems like she has some guts to try and hold a hostage
Rayce already seems swoon worthy...hello!
Mixed hostage signals? lol
This cover? Gorgeous.


I saw this blitz and new I had to be apart of it.
I added it on my tbr immediately!


Yeah, guys. Its on sale for .99...
Remember how I said I added it to my TBR?
Yeah, well I bought it too!
Can't pass up a deal like that!


And now...
For the Cover Reveal!!
 The sequel, War of the Wilted, releases on October 1, 2018! 


Rose will not rest until the Gardener is dead. But there are bigger battles to fight, and Rayce—leader of the rebellion and the only man Rose has ever loved—believes their best chance at winning the war is to join forces with her sworn enemy.

Saving innocent people is more important than her quest for revenge. But their new ally can’t be trusted—and he knows her darkest secret. One betrayal could leave the war and Rayce’s life hanging in the balance, and Rose will need to make the ultimate sacrifice to save them all.

About the Author
Amber Mitchell graduated from the University of South Florida with a BA in Creative Writing. She likes crazy hair styles, reading, D&D, k-dramas, good puns and great food.

When she isn’t putting words on paper, she is using cardstock to craft 3D artwork or exploring new places with her husband Brian. They live a small town in Florida with their four cats where she is still waiting for a madman in a blue box to show up on her doorstep.

Garden of Thorns is her debut novel from Entangled Teen.
Author Links:

Yupp, that's right. There's a giveaway too!


What do you think? Are you addind it to your TBR right now?
Already buying it?
Let me know your thoughts :)

Saturday, September 8, 2018

{Monthly Releases} September's Stunners

Here ye! Hear ye!
One and all!
Hear we stand, the start of fall!

Yay! It's slowly becoming my favorite time of year.
To start it off, here are some books I found worthy to welcome this time.
These are just some of the beauties being born to this world in September.

This is something I'm gonna start doing every month, on the first of the month.
There will be 5 picks to share.
I'm behind this month to start since I didn't kick off my blog till the 2nd.

Give the Dark My Love
Author: Beth Revis
Release Date: September 25

When seventeen-year-old Nedra Brysstain leaves her home in the rural, northern territories of Lunar Island to attend the prestigious Yugen Academy, she has only one goal in mind: learn the trade of medicinal alchemy. A scholarship student matriculating with the children of Lunar Island's wealthiest and most powerful families, Nedra doesn't quite fit in with the other kids at Yugen, who all look down on her. 

All, except for Greggori "Grey" Astor. Grey is immediately taken by the brilliant and stubborn Nedra, who he notices is especially invested in her studies. And that's for a good reason: a deadly plague has been sweeping through the North, and it's making its way toward the cities. With her family's life--and the lives of all of Lunar Island's citizens--on the line, Nedra is determined to find a cure for the plague. 

Grey and Nedra continue to grow closer, but as the sickness spreads and the body count rises, Nedra becomes desperate to find a cure. Soon, she finds herself diving into alchemy's most dangerous corners--and when she turns to the most forbidden practice of all, necromancy, even Grey might not be able to pull her from the darkness. {Goodreads}

I never got around to reading Revis' first series and I regret it. Plus, this is a 
fantasy novel, which I am always down for! Yes, yes!

Author: Ellen Goodlett
Release Date: September 11

Three girls with three deadly secrets. Only one can wear the crown.

The king is dying, his heir has just been murdered, and rebellion brews in the east. But the kingdom of Kolonya and the outer Reaches has one last option before it descends into leaderless chaos.

Or rather, three unexpected options.

Zofi has spent her entire life trekking through the outer Reaches with her band of Travelers. She would do anything to protect the band, her family. But no one can ever find out how far she's already gone.

Akeylah was raised in the Eastern Reach, surrounded by whispers of rebellion and abused by her father. Desperate to escape, she makes a decision that threatens the whole kingdom.

Ren grew up in Kolonya, serving as a lady's maid and scheming her way out of the servants' chambers. But one such plot could get her hung for treason if anyone ever discovers what she's done.

When the king summons the girls, they arrive expecting arrest or even execution. Instead they learn the truth: they are his illegitimate daughters, and one must become his new heir. But someone in Kolonya knows their secrets, and that someone will stop at nothing to keep the sisters from their destiny... to rule.

Magic, mystery, and blackmail abound in this sensational and striking fantasy debut. {Goodreads}

Author: Courtney Summers
Release Date: September 4

Sadie hasn't had an easy life. Growing up on her own, she's been raising her sister Mattie in an isolated small town, trying her best to provide a normal life and keep their heads above water. 

But when Mattie is found dead, Sadie's entire world crumbles. After a somewhat botched police investigation, Sadie is determined to bring her sister's killer to justice and hits the road following a few meagre clues to find him.

When West McCray—a radio personality working on a segment about small, forgotten towns in America—overhears Sadie's story at a local gas station, he becomes obsessed with finding the missing girl. He starts his own podcast as he tracks Sadie's journey, trying to figure out what happened, hoping to find her before it's too late.{Goodreads}

I've seen this book all over the place! I love thrillers. I want this book!
With a cover and premise like that, how can you not??

Strange Grace
Author: Tessa Gratton
Release Date: September 18

Once, a witch made a pact with a devil. The legend says they loved each other, but can the story be trusted at all? Find out in this lush, atmospheric fantasy novel that entwines love, lies, and sacrifice.

Long ago, a village made a bargain with the devil: to ensure their prosperity, when the Slaughter Moon rises, the village must sacrifice a young man into the depths of the Devil’s Forest.

Only this year, the Slaughter Moon has risen early.

Bound by duty, secrets, and the love they share for one another, Mairwen, a spirited witch; Rhun, the expected saint; and Arthur, a restless outcast, will each have a role to play as the devil demands a body to fill the bargain. But the devil these friends find is not the one they expect, and the lies they uncover will turn their town—and their hearts—inside out.{Goodreads}

I feel like I have not read a ton of witch books. I don't own a lot.
I don't see them hyped up that much either...
But, this cover!? *heart eyes everywhere*
This premise!? A run against the clock?
Love, lies, sacrifice?
I'm there.

The Lantern's Ember
Author: Colleen Houck
Release Date: September 11

Welcome to a world where nightmarish creatures reign supreme.

Five hundred years ago, Jack made a deal with the devil. It’s difficult for him to remember much about his mortal days. So, he focuses on fulfilling his sentence as a Lantern—one of the watchmen who guard the portals to the Otherworld, a realm crawling with every nightmarish creature imaginable. Jack has spent centuries jumping from town to town, ensuring that nary a mortal—or not-so-mortal—soul slips past him. That is, until he meets beautiful Ember O’Dare. 

Seventeen, stubborn, and a natural-born witch, Ember feels a strong pull to the Otherworld. Undeterred by Jack’s warnings, she crosses into the forbidden plane with the help of a mysterious and debonair vampire—and the chase through a dazzling, dangerous world is on. Jack must do everything in his power to get Ember back where she belongs before both the earthly and unearthly worlds descend into chaos. {Goodreads}

Colleen Houck is another one of those authors that their books jut got away from me. 
In fact, I actually own some of her books and just have never read them!
Now, this one...this one I'm loving. Again, Uhm...COVER!? <3
Second, I am allll for darker story lines and the first line of this premise had me hooked!
I'm in love with the idea of this book!
I also think that her being who she is, this world will be amazingly written!

Of course, these aren't the only lovely books coming out this month.
They are just the ones that caught my eyes the most!
Here are where you can find a few more: 2018 YA September Releases

Read the rest of the list?
Add some to your TBR?
Think I missed some beauties?
Let me know below!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

{Review} A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses (1-3)
Series: A Court of Thorns and Roses
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Release Date: 2015-2018
by, Bloomsbury USA Childrens

Feyre's survival rests upon her ability to hunt and kill – the forest where she lives is a cold, bleak place in the long winter months. So when she spots a deer in the forest being pursued by a wolf, she cannot resist fighting it for the flesh. But to do so, she must kill the predator and killing something so precious comes at a price ...

Dragged to a magical kingdom for the murder of a faerie, Feyre discovers that her captor, his face obscured by a jewelled mask, is hiding far more than his piercing green eyes would suggest. Feyre's presence at the court is closely guarded, and as she begins to learn why, her feelings for him turn from hostility to passion and the faerie lands become an even more dangerous place. Feyre must fight to break an ancient curse, or she will lose him forever. {Goodreads}

Man, oh man. I fell for this series hard.

Ever since Julie Kagawa's Iron Fae Series, I have had a certain soft spot for fae oriented books. They're just magical! Especially when done right. I will admit, it is also because of Kagawa's series that I'm kind of picky when it comes to fae books. Those that tell the tale of small beautiful little pixies that are light and fluffy and just cute as a button...I can't do. Now, those that tell the tale a little closer to Shakespear's A Midnight Summer's Night Dream, where the fae are not so nice but mighty, powerful creatures who are to be feared and will take your first born child...that's more my cup of tea.

Now, there are some things that Maas strays away from like: faeries can lie, iron does not effect them, and there are lot more courts. Like, a LOT more. Normally its Unseelie and Seelie courts (winter and summer with the occasional spring and autumn courts too). In this world there are also what Maas calls Solar Courts (day, night, and dawn) which really I had no problem with it was just, new. I loved it! Sometimes fae books can be too repetitive and changing it up, getting a little creative with it, that never ever hurts. Honestly, this book is really what threw me back into a series of reading none stop and even kind of encouraged me to start up blogging and writing again!

I had started to read Maas' Assassins series when they came out and I'm pretty sure I own all of them I just stopped around book 2. I can't necessarily say it was because they bored me I think it was just around the time where everything became too much for me. That being sad, Maas created a series in which I NEVER wanted to put them down. I devoured these books. Her characters are superb....well, some of them. Her ability to tell a tale about an old world and create it anew was remarkable! Her attention to detail without going on in a way that leaves us all snoozing was appreciated and well acknowledged by me. Annnnnd....

She gave me another boy to constantly swoon over. Well, she kind of gave me three.

I know there was some controversy over these books in the fact of the second book.

Stop now. There are spoilers ahead. 
Tamlin. The change of character from him was kind of whiplash. I liked him I admit but I never loved him. Rhys on the other hand I can say intrigued me from Feyre and his briefest of meetings in the first book. Back to Tamlin, he turns possessive and essentially abusive. Again, I didn't love him but seeing it turn that way so fast was shocking. I kind of felt bad as I knew he had just really loved her but it does address that line between love and obsession and that love should never be an obsession. I just really didn't see it coming.

Lucien. Lucien really hurt me. Like, yeah he wasn't the greatest but he also was fae. Coe on people, they aren't the sweet and innocent fairies we all have been trained to think about and I think thats really what you have to keep in the back of your mind throughout this series. Fae are conniving creatures. They are not innocent. They are ruthless and they are powerful. They are a different race so they're way of feeling love and expressing it isn't going to be the way we think of naturally. Anyways, back to Lucien. Yeah, he wasn't the best but I feel like he trully was a friend of Feyre's and when he essentially turned evil or well made out to be worse, I was hurt. I liked him and hated that he was ever pictured differently.
It's kind of hard to write a review over a series but I read way to fast through these to individually review them.

In summary:

Book 1: Read it. It is a little slow and harder at points to get through but about 3/4 of the way in and you won't be wanting to put it down. Everything that's been building up comes together and its fantastic. Its terrible in the best of ways and you will want the second one at your bed side so you can immediately keep going.

Book 2: Oh. My. Gosh. I died. This killed me. Every time I had to put it down because I had to go to work or had some adulting responsibility I cried a bit in side. It had me wanting to read at all the red lights (don't read and drive kids) I didn't! But I wanted to because every second away killed me. This book is forever one of my favorite books. I will carry it with me through old age. There were times I had to re-read pages, lines, paragraphs over and over because they just filled me with so much emotion. After finishing it I went back and re-read those all over again. You need this. You need this bad.

The character development in it was probably my favorite thing here. Mor, Cassian, Azriel, Amren, even Feyre. I loved Feyre but in the beginning I sort of hated her. She gave off way too much of a Bella Swan vibe that I was definitely not digging. I kept wanting to slap her and pick her up and tell her she could do this. And then she snapped and I was loving her all over again. She's kick ass, independent and everything you want in a heroine. She goes on a journey you can affiliate with (maybe not directly for all but in some aspects) and respect.

Book 3: My god. My...god. Ah, it has been a long while since I've read something so wonderful. Maas is a wonderful story teller. Her character development is astounding. With creating an entirely new world, or in this case putting a spin on an old world tale (the fae) comes a lot of characters. It is not one like contemporary novels where you can get away with a main character, a love interest, some family and some friends. To make a world believable, one needs many characters that thicken the plot and draw you in deeper. That being said, some books like this end up either 1. creating too many characters or 2. creating many characters that bleed into each other, unidentifiable and have you stopping, asking yourself "who is this again" and having to backtrack to clear things up. This is not a problem for Maas. She is exceptional in this art. Every character is unique and they aren't 2 dimensional. She creates realistic characters. As realistic as you can get for being're never going to get human characters if they are ethereal beings.

This one was so long. But highly worth it. Sometimes you get a long "final book" and it has just dragged on or you get a long final book and it could have been two books. This I feel was perfect. Two books had been leading up to the end and it wasn't rushed, or prolonged. It was fantastically seen through.

I could go on forever about this series. I loved it. It is now sitting on my most coveted book shelf--my "need in order to breath" book shelves. The characters I think are really what had me in love so much with this series. I think I hated every single character at some point in time and then found love for every single one as well. She had me all over the place but in the best way possible. In short, its an excellent series. I want it for the rest of my life.

I have only one negative/warning if you want to read this series. It's not for kids. Honestly I'm not sure I would recommend it for anyone younger than 18. At points I felt I was reading erotica. It was sexy and exciting but it could be a bit much for younger peeps.

That is all I have to say about it in a "negative" tone. Other than that. Go. Go run to the store right now and get this series if you haven't quite yet.


Monday, September 3, 2018

{Giveaway} The Celebration of a Relaunch!

Yay! I did it. 

I finally successfully relaunched my blog.
You guys don't know how many times I redesigned my blog...
then never posted.

But, I did it!

And I'm so excited!!

Related image

How excited?

So excited I feel the need to celebrate.

Image result for celebrate meme

So, how you ask?

How am I going to celebrate this wondrous occasion?

I'm giving away some books.

Image result for wait, what meme

Yeah, you heard me.






Image result for crying excited meme

Okay, okay. Enough with the memes. Now, to the good part: Yes. I am indeed going to be throwing a huge giveaway! And yes...this does include some of you international book lovers out there! I couldn't forget about you. I love you too!

So what is going to be given away? Well there are three chances to win. Yes, you are still hearing right. Three!

1. My blogging and book obsession started with the most wonderful series by Julie Kagawa, The Iron Fey Series. What better way to celebrate than by sharing my favorite series and the one responsible for me being here in the first place?! I can't think of one. So,

Giveaway# 1: A paperback copy of book#1 in the series: The Iron King 
Related image
This is international, provided through the book depository.
(so you must have the ability to be shipped to via^^)

2. I have been gifted some copies from publishing companies before my blogging break and I want to share some of them with you! I have a few from you to choose from, yes your pick! 

Giveaway #2: Your choice from the following stack:

This one is USA only.
Will run all month long!

3. A book of your choice from the book depository! Again, your choice! (Up to $12)

Giveaway # 3: Your dream book from the Book Depository
Image result for the book depository
This one is international. Again shipping from BD 
needs to be available to you!

Well there you have it folks! Get applying!

Don't know what this giveaway is really for? Missed the relaunch? Check it out here.

Please refrain from commenting personal information on the blog. Just insert what the widget asks of you and sit back and hope, pray, and wait! If your status is applicable for more than one giveaway you may enter in each you can but only one entry per giveaway (There are ways to add more entries but only once per entry per person). 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Please double check your information so if you win I can get in touch with you. 
Please be honest with following other outlets of mine! This giveaway will be open for a full week! Tell your friends, shout it from the rooftop. 

Have fun! Good luck! 
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