Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm Baaaaaackkkk!!

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5 years? Really?

Yes, sadly it has been 5 years since I've posted on this blog. Because of this I've got a lot to touch on so hopefully you see through till the end.

Hi, hi, hi! 

Why? Where'd ya go?
Oh how I've missed this. For so long blogging and reading were my life. I woke up on summer days and read--morning to night and sometimes until the next morning. I was a freshman in high school when I started this blog. I had no real responsibilities then (I mean besides school but I mean come on, it was freshman year) and all the time in the world. So when junior year rolled around the load got heavier and slowly but surely my time dedicated to reading every minute of my free time started dwindling. Senior year came and went. I met my boyfriend (now of 3.5 years), worked a lot, focussed on school and reading became something I did once in a great while.

Then came college and oh man was that a change. The work load got more intense and I started working so much more so that I could pay my way through (can thankfully say I have yet to take out a single loan). I am an art major and am also learning sign language. Basically my schedule has become ridiculous. The last two years around summer time I have given my blog a new design but when it came down to the post, I was incomplete. I stopped, telling myself its more of a dream than a reality to get back to it. There's no way! 

So here I am the summer before my last year of college and I'm....typing. I'm starting again! Less load? Hell no. Good god am I going to be drowning this year! But you know? You want to know what changed? I'm tired of telling myself "I should", "I want", "I wish", "I cant". I told myself how about you actually do and you try? So here, this is what I'm doing. I'm not going to lie to you and say I'm going to be as consistent as I was all those seven years ago when I first started. Now, I am 5 years behind and if I had just tried, posted here and there I would still have it. Now, I face the fact that some of you might never see this and I'm talking to myself. That's my fault and I want it to change.

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So...What's up? What can we expect?
Again, I'm not going to give you empty promises. You probably wont have 5 posts a week but I'm hoping maybe 1? 2? A week? After this has been written I probably went off and created a bunch of draft posts and created a schedule so hopefully I can get a little caught up as well as give you guys something to see. Yeah, you are probably going to see reviews of books that came out years ago. And maybe you've read them and will think "Yeah, dude. This is old news." Or maybe you'll find you hadn't quite seen that book before and I might actually be showing you something new. Either way, these are things I need to do for myself and for my blog. 

Will there still be interviews? Giveaways? Tours? Honestly? I'm not sure. I hope so! Giveways and interviews will probably be more probable. Tours tend to take a lot of planning and setting up and have date requirements/restrictions that I probably won't have time for.  Giveways and interviews can be more on my time.

And lastly...
The Apology

I am sorry to: my followers. I am sorry I left you high and dry without ANY explanation. That was not professional nor considerate of me. I love you guys and you made years of my life so much fun. I found a place! I found people I could gush to about these fictional boys and lives. I wasn't the only one who needed a community to be nerdy with. I found it and I abandoned it. I am sorry.

I am sorry to: my authors. I left you guys high and dry as well and again, without any explanation. Some of you I received your books and didn't get you your review and that is unacceptable. Again, completely unprofessional and inconsiderate. I am embarrassed and remorseful. I really can't do much more than apologize and hope you all understand that my life got too out of control and I had to drop a responsibility to stay sane and above water. I was drowning. This being said, if you are reading this and you feel your review is still deserved (because it is!) send me an email. I will find the copy (I still have them all) and get you your review....sorry for it being 3+ years later but I know I owe it to you and will do my very best. I am truly sorry. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me and give me a second chance. I would love to do interviews, reviews and other fun activities with you on my blog to help get word of you and your book out there!

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I am sorry. 
I truly hope you all can find it in you to forgive me and be willing to set on this new journey with me. I am looking forward to being back at it and giving it another try. Hopefully you are too. 

Now, I have a question for you all:

What do you hope to see? What advice do you have for me?

I would love to hear your opinions. Don't like the new design? Let me know what you think can help!
Anything is appreciated so leave your comments below! :)

With absolute love,


  1. I loved reading about your experience and your enthusiasm. I su
    am sure you will rock, as you are following your heart and living up your passion. Keep blogging whenever you can, you don't have to be regular but don't leave it.

    1. Thank you. It's definitely been a journey. I plan on sticking around, coming up with plans so that I have posts even if they aren't once a day. So far it has worked out so we will so where it goes! I hope to see you around here :)


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