Chelsea Fine {Author of Anew}
Hope Collier {Author of The Willows: Haven}
Kristi Cook {Author of the Winterhaven Series (Haven & Mirage) } 
Lisa M Stasse {Author of The Forsaken}
Jolene B Perry {Author of Knee Deep}
Anne Greenwood Brown {Author of Lies Beneath}
Patty Blount {Author of Send}
Elizabeth Richards {Author of Black City}
C.J. Redwine {Author of Defiance}
Ellie James {Author of the Midnight Dragonfly Series}
Wynne Channing {Author of What Kills Me}
Leah Cypess {Author of Nightspell & Mistwood}
Holly Cupala {Author of Don't Breathe a Word}
Victoria Scott {Author of The Collector}
Ellie Chapman {Author of Dualed}
Kerry Schafer {Author of Between}
Jessica Brody {Author of Unremembered}
Shandy Lawson {Author of The Loop}
Liz Fichera {Author of Hooked}
Kristin Bailey {Author of The Legacy of the Clockwork Key}
Lydia Kang {Author of Control}
Francis Knight {Author of Fade to Black}
Chelsea Pitcher {Author of The S-Word}
AG Howard {Author of Splintered}
Sangu Mandanna {Author of The Lost Girl}
Teri Harman {Author of Bloodmoon}
Lisa Luedeke {Author of Smashed}
Megan Curd {Author of Bridger}
Kimberly Anne Miller {Author of Triangles}

Kai Sterdam from Dark Seeker

~Guest Posts~

If you would like me to interview you or host a guest post know that in doing so I would like to have read your book before hand. This allows me to get more in touch about things relating to your writings. I also do character interviews. (Definitely need to have read your book if you are requesting a character interview!)

If you would like to host me for an interview or guest post then go ahead and send me an email as well! 

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