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Hi there! Looking for a way to get a hold of me? Well look no further! This page is for you!

  But here is a little story first...

Once Upon a Time....

There was a little bird. This bird liked to tweet-tweet on the top of its little lungs. But he wasn't the only one. No, there was a community dedicated to those birds who loved to tweet-tweet. The leader of the community was Twitter. The most twitterified bird of them all. She tweeted here. She tweeted there. She tweeted everywhere! In the world abroad, oh yes! she did. One day, while she was tweeting to the world she came across a book. But not any ordinary book. It was a Facebook. A book filled with all the faces of the world. Intrigued by her new discovery she read, and she read and she read this face-book. And as she was reading this book she found it to be a Goodreads. In fact, a wonderful read! Not just any old The days, passed and the days passed. She tweeted her new discovery and the many wonders it held. But something wasn't quite right. No. But what was missing? Oh! She was missing. Little 'ol Twitter was not in this face-book. But how could she change this? She thought, and she thought and she...well, thought! Until, alas! She had thought of the solution to her problem. The answer was easy. She needed to be LinkedIn to this book. Yes, linked in she must be. So she called her dear father to help her. "Oh dear father," who's name was E-Mail, "help me get linked in to the book of the world's wondrous faces. I fear I may not live if I shall not be granted this wish." Twitter could hear her father thinking on the other end of her cell line. Emil thought, and he thought, and he thought. He could not grant his daughter's wish but he knew one who could. "Dear daughter," said he. "I am not capable of granting you your wish but do not fret, I know of one who can. He is a bunny and I will call for him at once." So her father made due on his promise and the rabbit proved quite helpful. 

......The End.

Could I have just listed the ways to get a hold of me? Yes. Would that have been any fun? No. 

Feel free to contact me! (If you still want to after this...discovery??) Do you have to read the story? Yes!!!...Fine! No....just find the highlighted word of you choice of contact and wabam! You can now contact me through the link!

If you are an author/publisher wanting to submit a review inquiry please visit my Review Policy page first. If you are a blogger with a question, contact me via message through Goodreads. If you do not have an account, feel free to email me.

Thank you,
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