Review Policy

  Hello to publishers and authors! I am pleased to see you here on this page. If you are interested in me reviewing a book of yours, here is some information you should know (form below for interest):

~Book Formats I review: 
 I prefer physical copies. If your book is available in hard copy or paper back form please offer that before hand. If it is not, then I will accept an eBook copy. I do not normally accept PDF form but if that is all you have to offer...then I shall think about it (no promise). 

~Types I review:
I will currently look into both self-published and published authors. 

~Genres I review:
  To be perfectly honest, I am a Young-Adult/New-Adult kind of girl. Pretty much everything you will see me talk about, review, or advertise is in the YA genre. I do however like short stories (sometimes) and Adult reads(excluding erotica-think more along the lines of mystery, fantasy, etc).  I do not particularly like, and pretty much never read, self-help, poetry, children lit. (middle grade I do sometimes) and non-fiction. 
~What my reviews include:
  • Cover Image
  • Title & Author
  • Publisher name & Date released
  • Source (bought, ARC, etc.)
  • Pages
  • Synopsis
  • Trailer (if there is one)
  • My Review
  • And My Rating (system)
**A goodreads link will be included in the synopsis. Also, a link to buy the book to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 
**If the book is part of a series, the series link will be included with the book details. And for fun!! If there is a love triangle, I may or may not mention who I am rooting for. 
**All of the book's details and its synopsis are borrowed from (excluding trailer which is borrowed from YouTube)**

Interested? Fill out this form.

~The big guns (Q&A):

What happens if you do not like my book?

  Ok. So first things first: My policy is honesty. If I just so happen to not like the book that I have been reading I will state it. With that said I will never degrade or bash the book, characters or author. I'm not that mean!! Gosh! ;) haha 
  I do have a rate system so if your book just so happens to get a 1 star review, I will send an email notifying you of this. The review will not be posted on my blog (My blog is reserved for positiveness and helping readers find good books) but will be posted on Goodreads. I do post reviews containing 2-5 starts on the blog.

  When will my review be posted?
  Honestly, I don't always know. Even though blogging is a big part of my life, it isn't all of my life. I am your average busy human. I have responsibilities that require my attention past the screen as well as commitments to the blog to keeping it going. That being said, if I have accepted your book I promise to give you general idea of what I have going on and when I expect it to be done.
 I will send you an email containing the link to the review when it has been posted. 
 If you have a deadline and need a book reviewed by a certain date: please tell me in the the original review request! I will try my best to read and review your book by the scheduled date. If somehow that date becomes a problem I will notify you ASAP.
 If the book is an ARC I will try to have the review posted at the very latest-- 1 to 2 weeks before the release date. 

Where will my review be posted?
  My reviews are posted here, on the blog, first. After that I immediately turn to Goodreads and post it there. 
If you would like your review posted someplace else, on top of the previously mentioned places, you will have to notify me. I am more than willing to place my review other places but I sadly can not read minds so you will have to take it up yourself to ask me to do so.

~Final notes:
  *Please do not use any part of my review without my permission. Unless you are an author or publisher using part of my reviews for quotations, this rule applies to you. As the words of a book are the authors...the words of my review are mine...
  *I have every right to decline a review request. If I am not interested in your book I do not have to read it. If you send me a copy of your book with the request and I decline....I will not read it. If my mind has changed you will be noted.
  *I may not respond to your reviews immediately. They are tucked safely into a special little email file for me to go through when I have the time.
  *I do not receive or accept any payment or compensation for my reviews.  

~Contact me:
  You can reach me via email at:
*Updated as of August 2018*

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