Thursday, September 13, 2018

{Upcoming} Giveaways To Come!

Hey guys,

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Do you remember me telling you there are ARCs I received and never got to?...

That I was going to try and catch up, read, review?

Yeah, well that means a few things

1. I'm crap for letting it happen in the first place (sorry, again, life got me!)

2. I'm really trying to make up for my mistake

3. I have a bunch of ARCs to be read and reviewed.

4. I also have a few of those ARCs that were sent to me along with a finished copy.

5. I have two copies of some books and...

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For every ARC that I also received a second, finished copy of...

I'm giving away that copy to one of you!

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Yeah, thats right. Be excited!

So what do you have to look out for?

All you have to do is wait for one of these reviews to be posted.

The review will come before but!
Normally, my review's titles will look something like: {Review} TITLE
NOW, these giveaway/review posts will be labeled: {Review/Giveaway}

Yupp, that simple to look out for. 

Now, all that being said, they will start with a review and there is no promise that I personally will like the book and will not have a completely positive review attached. The reviews will still remain open and honest but 1. who doesn't want a free book? and 2. what book doesn't deserve a second chance? Please also note that for these giveaways...

1. You need to review my giveaway policy here (at the bottom under *Winner info*)
before you enter to understand the conditions.

2. These unfortunately will be open for US (unless otherwise stated)
only as they are physical books in my possession and will cost me shipping.

I know, I'm sorry my international followers...I do promise I will have something for you guys soon.
*wink, wink* So keep your eyes open for future giveaways in the future! (No promises BUT I also might, might. Throw in an international book directory copy if its something I end up loving beyond belief and need everyone to know and read about it) Again, no promise for that but a promise to international giveaways SOON! :)

So, yay! Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities! I'm excited for you and myself.

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See you guys soon!

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