Friday, March 16, 2012

Hunted Book Tour

Hey everyone!! Today I'm going to be doing a make-up blog tour post! We ran into some trouble along the way but no worries! Here I am today with a very special guest post!! Enjoy! :D
~The Book~
Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield
 Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where having any Paranormal power is illegal. Caitlyn is on the run from government troopers, who can enslave, torture, or even kill her, or make her hunt other Paranormals. When Caitlyn settles down in a city, she falls for Alex, a Normal (someone without Paranormal powers), which is dangerous because he can turn her in. And she discovers renegade Paranormals who want to destroy all Normals. Caitlyn must decide whether she's going to stay in hiding to protect herself, or take a stand to save the world. {Goodreads}

 ~The Author and Post

Do you pay attention to what makes you happy--and what makes you unhappy? I do. I've found that I don't like, and am not very good at, hiding who I really am and what I care about. One of my favorite lines from HUNTED is "You don't feel much like living if you can't be yourself." It's something I really identify with, something that's true for me. I think it's why both Caitlyn (in HUNTED) and I have such a hard time hiding who we are. We *need* to be all of who we are to be happy.

But being all of who you are can be a risk. For Caitlyn, it could mean being enslaved, tortured, even killed for being a Para, someone with Paranormal powers. For me when I was growing up being abused by my cult parents, it meant enduring a lot more torture and threats to my life because I couldn't hide my vulnerability, my desire for safety, for me and the people around me to not be hurt. But it also meant that I had a clear vision of who I am and what I stand for, what I needed, and what I dreamed for. I put a lot of that into Caitlyn, as well.

I found a way to escape the abuse and torture I was living in, though it took me many years--and Caitlyn finds a way, too, to make things better in her life. It's something I think we can all find if we don't give up, and if we stay true to ourselves. I hope you'll pick up HUNTED, and enjoy Caitlyn's journey for something better.

Thanks Cheryl!! So nice having you on the blog today!! :)

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