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{Blog Tour} Falling for Summer by Kailin Gow

Falling for Summer
Series: Loving Summer #1.9
Author: Kailin Gow
Release Date: December 12, 2012
by, TheEdge Books
Source: *a review copy was provided for review purposes*
Format: Ebook
Love hits you when you least expect it, grabs you, sucks you in whole, and twists you around until you could hardly breathe. Love hurts like a sucker punch, that’s both glorious and beautiful. Falling for Summer was like that for me, every time. – Nat Donovan

The Donovan Brothers

Two brothers as gorgeous as they are dangerous.

Nat Donovan, the older more responsible brother with the passion of a starving man. Knows what he wants, but knows he can’t have it without giving up everything.

Drew Donovan, the really bad boy, the black sheep, the one who has a devil-may-care attitude, wants what he wants, but knows he would have to go through the ones he loves to have it.

Nat and Drew Donovan has known Summer Jones since they were kids. She had always been the girl next door who was best friends with their little sister Rachel and was cool enough to play with the guys. Now Summer is all grown up, gorgeous, and scorchingly sexy without even knowing it. Responsible older brother Nat, who had always tried to keep their friendship platonic, now can’t stop thinking of her and wanting more. Carefree Drew, who had always had a crush on Summer, but knew Summer’s heart was already taken, can only fall further for her. But no one had anticipated what would happen between the time the Donovan brothers fell for her and now. No one knew how hard they would fall.{Goodreads}
  Lets start out by saying I have yet to read Loving Summer. When I got the invite for the Falling for Summer tour I was informed that you did not have to have read Loving Summer in order to understand Falling for Summer. Its true. I wasn’t completely lost when reading it but I have to admit I felt a tad out of the loop. (The author) did a good job filling you in about the past events and the characters involved. I have to say that I still recommend you reading Loving Summer. I think I might have enjoyed this book a hell of a lot better if I had. Now, this does not mean I didn’t enjoy it cus I did. A lot. I just felt as if I was missing that personal connection that is loved when reading a book. It was talking with two people that share too many inside jokes. I was missing those mere details that would provide that tie with the characters and their story. I had questions like what happened last summer!? The most important one of all. Other than that Falling for Summer carried its own story and I enjoyed it. If anything it made me want to read Loving Summer that much more. I have kept my eye on it for a while now but just haven’t found time to just yet. Looks like I will be pushing some books behind for it huh? ;D

  (The author) has a nice writing style. It all kind of just flows and makes you sit back and enjoy the words on the screen (or pages). I will admit that at times I caught grammatical errors but hey, she is an indie author and I find with most indie books there are bound to be mistakes and heck! Even the published books have their mistakes. These mistakes never hindered me from loving this book though. The characters, even though I didn’t have a deeper connection with them due to not reading the first book, grew on me. Summer is a strong, independent girl I came to enjoy. I was kind of surprised when the book had chapters from her point of view. I expected it to just be Nat’s book which obviously added to the surprise of having Drew’s point of view too.
  Now, lets get down to the nitty-gritty shall we? ;) Boys..to be more clear…the Donovan boys! O my! These boys are hot. Seriously. At times I felt as though some of Drew’s sexy dialect was a bit awkward but at others…holy smoking cows!! Ya, he had me drooling. That said, I think my heart belongs to Nat. He is totally hot and completely and entirely sweet. He is strong, courageous and would do anything for Summer. That really really shined through in this book. Again, I have no clue what happened that summer but I know I love Nat Donavon. Let’s see if that changes when I read Loving Summer. (I hardly doubt it but…I do have an act for falling for the “Drew” types).

  All in all I am so glad I got to participate in the Falling for Summer Tour! It was a super cute read and I can’t wait to read more. I totally recommend this book if you are a fan of cute beach reads with a horrible (meaning you have two boys that have you doubting the team you are on with every line of theirs) love triangle, some drama, emotion, and a little bit of inspiration. This book was totally worth the read. I feel that if I had read Loving Summer this book would be getting a better rate so based of of that…. 

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4 out of 5 stars!!
Kailin Gow uses her author platform to bring awareness to issues affecting young adult and women. She has appeared on national radio as a regular guest on topics such as body image, self-esteem, dating and sexual relationships, bullying, and more; often brought up in her fiction books for young adults and women. She has won multiple awards from the International Book Awards and the Green Book Festival. Selling over half a million books, Kailin Gow has been a bestselling author of over 100 distinct books which includes the Desire Series, PULSE, Wicked Woods, and the Frost Series. She has been professionally published since 2001. She was one of the first authors for young readers to write books for girls with supernatural elements. Her first book series about extraordinary girls guided by an angel in 2001, was a success, selling thousands of print copies in days, and inspiring girl book clubs around the U.S. In 2003, she came out with more series, including The Fairy Rose Chronicles, about fairies in Feyland. Her books have been recommended by PBS Kids, US Mental Health Association, the PTA, and homeschooling associations in the United States.

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