Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Follow Friday} #42

Happy New Year!!!!!! 
Hope you all had a wonderful 2012 and here is to us all for an even better 2013!! Cheers!!!! ;D

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.

~This Week's Features:

~This Week's Question:

What New Years Blogging or Writing resolution have you placed on yourself?

~My Answer:
Well for actually reach by goal of 100 books read (didn't make it this yearly sadly..ended up at 76 :( ) but then my friend said I needed to aim higher soo to reach my 115 goal!
Two...more posts...I wanna reach at least 250 for the entire year..hope to do more but we will see. more involved. This include giveaways, interviews, blog tours, and other bloggers!
Four...reach 1,000+ followers! I was blessed to reach 400 before the end of the year! Thank you all!
Five...maybe start a design blog?? People are always complimenting on my blog and wanting me to do theirs...I just have to find the time O.o more responsible about email checking...its ridiculous yo! :O

What about you?
Leave your links below! :)
Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!! 

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  1. I have really similar goals to these. I actually aimed for a 100 books last year and only made it to 65.

  2. Those are great resolutions. I also want to be more involved. I like how you worded that.

    I do like you blog design!

    Good luck on your resolutions :)

  3. Really good answers! I also want to read more books. But 115?? haha. Not sure if I can pull that off. Good Luck!

    New Follower via FF---


  4. My resolutions were basically the same haha

  5. Hopping through. I'd really like to be more involved in the blog world too. I've slacked off the last few months.
    My Hop

  6. Those are great resolutions! I definitely want to be more active as well and do more blog posts.

    New follower!
    Click HERE for my FF post.

    Louisse @ The Soul Sisters

  7. You have a lot of resolutions and that's great! :)

    Old Follower:)

  8. I really like your resolutions. Up to 115! I'm aiming for 150 books this year, so we'll see how that goes!

    I followed you through GFC. Follow me back?

  9. My goal is 120 books this year.I hope I can reach it and I also hope that you reach 1000 followers :)

    New follower!

  10. Yeah, I need to get more involved too. (:

    New follower via GFC
    My FF:

  11. Luck with your new goals!

  12. Hopping through. Good luck with your reading goal. My goal is 250 this year. Last year it was 200, but I actually passed it so I figured 250 can't be that hard xD

    New GFC Follower.

    -Nyx @ Unraveling Words

  13. Great resolutions! Good luck with them all - it's hard to balance everything. :)

    New GFC Follower - Bookworm Brandee

  14. Awesome resolutions! I always have trouble reaching my goal :P Good Luck!!! New follower! Here's my FF.

  15. Good luck your resolutions, you have many similar ones to mine most esp to get more involved!

    New follower!

    My FF post.

  16. NEW Follower!

    I want to post more and read more. I am not a fast reader so I do not post as many reviews as other do. I am hoping to change that. Visit me and follow back!!

    Heather @ YA Fantasy Book Junkie

  17. Hi from a New Follower :) Cute blog design! I tried to read 100 books last year but I think I only managed to read around 70, so I'm trying again this year.

    Here's my FF:

  18. I'm a new follower with FF :) Can't wait to check out the reviews you post in the future.

    Rose @


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