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{Review} The S-Word by Chelsea Pitcher

The S-Word
Author: Chelsea Pitcher
Release Date: May 7, 2013
by, Gallery Books
Source: *a copy was provided by the author for review purposes*
Pages: 304
First it was SLUT scribbled all over Lizzie Hart’s locker.  

But one week after Lizzie kills herself, SUICIDE SLUT replaces it—in Lizzie's looping scrawl.  

Lizzie’s reputation is destroyed when she's caught in bed with her best friend’s boyfriend on prom night. With the whole school turned against her, and Angie not speaking to her, Lizzie takes her own life. But someone isn’t letting her go quietly. As graffiti and photocopies of Lizzie’s diary plaster the school, Angie begins a relentless investigation into who, exactly, made Lizzie feel she didn’t deserve to keep living.And while she claims she simply wants to punish Lizzie’s tormentors, Angie's own anguish over abandoning her best friend will drive her deep into the dark, twisted side of Verity High—and she might not be able to pull herself back out.

Debut author Chelsea Pitcher daringly depicts the harsh reality of modern high schools, where one bad decision can ruin a reputation, and one cruel word can ruin a life. Angie’s quest for the truth behind Lizzie’s suicide is addictive and thrilling, and her razor-sharp wit and fierce sleuthing skills makes her impossible not to root for—even when it becomes clear that both avenging Lizzie and avoiding self-destruction might not be possible.{Goodreads}
  Chelsea Pitcher is one of those authors you read from and think, KNOW that they were born for that exact reason. To steal readers breath and capture, squeeze and tear your heart. To shower us with such an abundance of love for the words they are so blessed to create and we are lucky enough to read. The story just flows as if it was as easy as breathing for them. Her writing is flawless and gorgeous. I have no words to even come close to delivering justice to the amount of talent of Miss Pitcher and the riveting story we call The S-Word.

  I was completely transfixed in this book!! I couldn't put it down and it literally pained me....PAINED ME to have to put it down for those silly little thugs like sleep and homework. I didn't WANT to put it down. I wanted to read it all the way through and at the same time, go as slow as possible just so the amazingness could never end....then again I wanted to know the end. This book was filled with bitter sweetness.
  The characters!! Oh the characters!! Some instantly click with you (Jesse) and others take more time to grow on you or well in some cases reveal their true selves. Woah!! How many twist and turns were there? How many times was I side swept!!?? Let me tell you...way too many!!! But it was so good!!! Sometimes I would read those little surprises and close the book, breathe in, breathe out, lay back and just die a little. The notes. The notes were what pained me the most. It actually hurt. My stomach and heart were pained by the pain of memories and the horrid words spoke, and the actions made.

  I literally have no clue what else to say other than read this book when it comes out. Please. I need everyone to read it. It's so worth it and amazing and fantastic and everyone who can read needs to experience the wonder that is The S-Word. I have become such a huge monster fan of Chelsea Pitcher because of this book. Her writing is extraordinary and her ability to master a story like this is beyond this world. I literally kissed the book after I turned the last page. I didn't want to read anything for about 3 days just because of the amount of impact the book had on me. It needed breathing room. I....I think I should just go now.

  Read the book ok guys? The S-Word is a 2013 you don't want to miss. I'm not even joking. This is one of the rare 5 star books. I don't give 5 stars unless they are rightly deserved. This book belongs to my need-in-order-to-breathe book shelf. It is one that I will make sure to carry around with me wherever I go during my life. One that I will read from beginning to end the rest of my life. One that I will never tire of. Thank you. Thank you Chelsea Pitcher for being the genius you are and writing The S-Word so all of us could experience your genius and one of the greatest stories ever written. I seriously would put it up with John Greene and his The Fault in Our Stars. Like TFOS, The S-Word had me feeling so many feels it was ridiculous!!! Also, if you have vet read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher...this book is a must!! I can't wait to see where Chelsea's career in the Young-Adult literature life takes her. I am starving for more of her work! Hear that? Get crack-a-lackin!! ;D Ok ok so NOW I'm done!!!

Need-In-Order-To-Breathe!!! <3 (the highest of the highest)

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing, sweet review! It literally brought tears to my eyes! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed the book!! :)

    1. Awwe!! I'm so happy I could give a great review!! I don't know what's more joyous: an author getting a great review or a blogger being told that their review is awesome and brought joy! I don't know but it makes me so incredibly happy to hear this in return for a review!! I am so so glad I got to read it!! Congrats on your recent release! :D <3


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