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{Author Interview & Giveaway} Liz Fichera, Author of Hooked

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~The Author:
Liz Fichera likes to write stories about ordinary teens who do extraordinary things.  She lives in the American Southwest by way of Chicago.  HOOKED was published by HarlequinTEEN in January of 2013.  Its companion, PLAYED, will publish in 2014.  HOOKED is available in bookstores everywhere.
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~The Interview:
1. Why did you choose the sport of golf?   
There are so few YA stories (if any) that involve golf.  There are even fewer with Native Americans as main characters.  I believe that HOOKED is the first story to combine the two.
2. If you were to write a paranormal novel what would it be about?   
I have written a couple of paranormal stories (currently unpublished) but, at this time, I am concentrating on contemporary YA.  Most of my paranormal stories involve a Native American as a main character too.  There are so many intriguing Native American legends and I love it when a paranormal story includes and explores one.   
3. Whats your favorite thing about Fred and Ryan? (Both individually and together)   
I love Fred’s quiet determination, and I love that she surprises people.  Ryan is harder to love by design but I think that’s what makes him human.  There’s nothing more annoying than a perfect hero.  Together Fred and Ryan are stronger; together they learn to help each other.
4. How big of a role did you want Fred's ethnicity to be in the beginning?   
Fred’s ethnicity is important to this story.  Since it’s set in Arizona, where there are over twenty tribes in the state, it seemed natural to me to include a Native American heroine.  I am disappointed that there aren’t more Native American characters in YA stories.  Usually you find them as secondary characters, if you find them at all.   
5. If you could be anything else in the world what would you be?   
A painter.
6. If you were faced with the resistance Fred was faced with in pursuing your dreams how would you handle it?   
Probably much like she did.  I was very quiet in high school yet I did not see “being quiet” as a weakness.  I’ve always seen it as a strength.  You can’t control everyone else but you can always control yourself and your actions. Nothing else matters.   
7. What was high school to you?   
I enjoyed high school, although I did not love it.  I was very happy to leave it and move on to college.  But I’d go back and do it again in a heartbeat.

Lover Commentary: 
Three words to describe Ryan?  Handsome, moody, kind (once you got to know him) 
Ryan's best feature? Smile
How important is it to go after your dreams no matter how different that makes you and how much your judges for it?  Going after your dreams is everything.   

Three words to describe Fred? Determined, quiet, compelling. 
Fred's best feature? Eyes. And her golf swing. 
How important is it to be yourself? Very important. Fred stays true to herself. That’s what makes her unique.

~The Book(s):
Series: Hooked #1
Author: Liz Fichera
Release Date: January 29, 2013
by, Harlequin Teen
Buy: ~Amazon~B&N~
When Native American Fredricka ‘Fred’ Oday is invited to become the only girl on the school’s golf team, she can’t say no. This is an opportunity to shine, win a scholarship and go to university, something no one in her family has done.

But Fred’s presence on the team isn’t exactly welcome — especially not to rich golden boy Ryan Berenger, whose best friend was kicked off the team to make a spot for Fred.

But there’s no denying that things are happening between the girl with the killer swing and the boy with the killer smile...

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