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{Blog Tour} Blood Moon by Teri Harman

TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!! Today I get to be a part of the Blood Moon Blog Tour!
I get to share my review, an interview with Teri Harman, and there is also a giveaway at the end!
So, stayed tune for all the awesomeness going on today yes!!? ;D

~The Author:
Teri Harman has believed in all things wondrous and haunting since her childhood days of sitting in the highest tree branches reading Roald Dahl and running in the rain imagining stories of danger and romance. Currently, her bookshelf is overflowing, her laundry unfolded, and her three small children running mad while she pens bewitching novels. Utah is her home, but she often imagines living in the wild landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. 

Come share in the magic and chaos at teriharman.com.

~The Interview:
1. Dystopia, vampires and contemporary fill book shelves over abundantly these days in the Young Adult genre, What made you want to write about witch lore? 
I have always been fascinated by magic, witches and the supernatural. One of the most important things about writing is to write what you love. So I see the popularity of this kind of book as a fortuitous thing; Blood Moon is one more great addition to the trend. The wonderful thing about books is readers always need more. 
2. It was practically love at first sight with Willa and Simon. Do you believe in love at first sight? 
I do. I think we can feel a connection to someone the first time we meet them. I felt a connection with my husband the first time we met and we were only twelve years old. 
3. When do you know you've found your "soul mate"? 
I think your soul mate is the person you feel at home with, feel most like your true self with. Together you are better, stronger than you are alone. Together you make everything better. A soul mate is the person you can’t imagine living without. 
4. If you were a witch, which of the Six Gifts would you want? 
The magical powers in Blood Moon are known as The Six Gifts: Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, Dreams and Mind. Each witch is born with one dominate Gift, but can work magic of all kinds. I’d love to have the Gift of Dreams, like Willa, and see the future in my dreams and talk to ghosts. 
5. What attributes makes Willa and Simon strong both together and apart? 
Together they are strong because they complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Simon is very logical, very reason driven, whereas Willa is more willing to take a leap of faith. Sometimes they need logic and other times faith. Both are intelligent, kind and honest. They ground each other as well as lift each other up. It’s a balance of sharing the strangeness of who they are and being open to the discovery of what comes next. 
6. If you could combine any paranormal being into your book what would it be and why? 
If I was going to introduce another kind of paranormal being into these books it would probably be an immortal creature from another world. Something powerful, like a god, and mysterious. 
7. What can we expect for book two? :) 
Book 2, Black Moon, throws into question all the decisions Willa and Simon made in Blood Moon. Evil abounds in expected and unexpected places. The story has taken some exciting turns and I can’t wait to hear what readers think.
~The Book(s):
Blood Moon
Release Date: June 22, 2013
by, Jolly Fish Press
Buy: ~Amazon~B&N~
Willa dreams of true events and her best friend is a ghost. Simon can heal any wound with a touch and senses others’ emotions, intentions. All their lives they’ve felt alone in their bizarre abilities, hiding behind a facade of normalcy, wondering why and how. The night Simon walks into the Twelve Acres Diner and meets Willa face to face, in a swirl of electric heat, they are bound to one another and glimpse the magic of who they are.

Across town a witch is held prisoner in the derelict basement of an old Victorian house. One night as it rains, she dares to reach her filthy, scarred hand out the window. Willa, walking home from work, recognizes the pathetic hand from a recent, terrible dream.

After a daring rescue of the witch, Willa and Simon are catapulted into the alluring but dangerous world of witchcraft and the magic of The Six Gifts. Answers to all their questions are within reach, but they’ve stepped into the middle of a deadly fight for the Powers of the Earth. Do they stay, risk their lives on the promise of power, or walk away?

Teri Harman's groundbreaking debut novel, the first installment in The Moonlight Trilogy, completely reinvents the modern concept of witches and magic. With its authentic translation of the history of witches into a fresh and entertaining package with unprecedented characterization, Blood Moon is sure to capture readers from the first page.{Goodreads}
~My Review:
  I can't say right off the bat that I was completely wowed or fell absolutely head over heels in love. I will say that I didn't find it horrible and completely unappealing. There wouldn't have been a review here if that was the case. Not only because this is a blog your but because on my blog I like to think that my reviews help people find new books. How would you find new books to LOVE if all I gave you guys was bad reviews? Ya not really possible.

  Blood Moon was good. My three star rating stands for "This book was good! Not great, but not horrible. At the least, worth the read." That was exactly the case in this book. I didn't love it. I didn't hate it. It was worth the read and I think book two has more potential. I think Blood Moon had a lot going for it and I'm not exactly sure what it was that turned me off. What caused me not to love it.

  It may have been Simon and Willa's instant love. I believe that there can be some sort of spark or connection when you first meet. I mean there has to be something that goes on when you first see the person that interests you in getting to know each other and becoming more than acquaintances...right? I just think that meeting, feeling the spark and all of a sudden THAT night the guy comes to your HOUSE again, in the middle of the NIGHT waiting outside your WINDOW and her coming out and them kissing after they JUST MET is uhm a little far fetched and if I might add a little creepy!? Then her mom saw it all and I don't know about you but my parents wouldn't have just stood by and just watched thinking "awe how cute! There's my daughter in the middle of the street kissing a boy I don't know." Sorry but I think that whole thing was a little crazy and way too fictional. I love fiction, that's all I read really but I like my fiction believable too. I mean it kin of goes away from vampires and werewolves and witches and dragons. How the hell do you make those unrealistic things...realistic? Trust me it's possible. I just wish I would have seen some more believable (not so much realistic I guess) attributes in Willa and Simons relationship and also with other parts of the book.

  Looking back while writing the review I do really have to give credit to Mrs Harman. This book had some really good things going for it. She had some really great ideas and I can really see the potential for this series! I'm thinking that this could have first book syndrome where it is just the spark to the flame. It's the opening to something great. I definitely want to read book two to see where Willa and Simons adventures are gonna take them. What kind of struggles await them. I would definitely love to see what happens next and maybe I will enjoy book two more. There have been two series where that has happened. Where I didn't particularly love the first and felt as if it was just a starter book and then the second blew me away. I definitely see the potential for the Moonlight Trilogy! It's there I know it's there!! ;D

  As far as writing goes I think Teri has a wonderful writing style. She simplifies. So many times these days authors try to show how genius there writing can be by too much dazzle. They try to complicate things way to often. There is beauty in simplicity. Teri Harman showed us just what that meant. Where she could have made a big show of The Six Gifts and make this big complication of it with many details she kept is simple and straight to the point. No huge network of underground tunnels with so many twists and turns you are sure to get lost forever. She explained everything rather well. I didn't have to back track to make sure I got it all down like I sometimes have to with other books. She gave the main points and the history behind it all nicely. It was well done. I think the side characters were a little undeveloped. I mean they are side characters but some had a big enough role where is like to have had less simplicity and more detail. I think Teri did a wonderful job with Blood Moon. I think her writing was great I just feel as if she had all this she wanted to accomplish and had a bit of trouble carrying it all out. Like she wasn't sure how to put all these ideas into one book. I felt as if there was a bit of struggle to get the series started. Now, that the series has started and is out there I have no doubt she will find her rhythm and make this series as great as it can be.

  Again I have high hopes for this series and the potential I see in it and other works from Mrs Harman are incredible! I think that if you have the time read it. If you have the patience to read a good starter book and wait for a great sequel do it. It's worth the chance trust me. I mean really, sometimes a start up is better than a kick off first book and a sucky sequel. Take the chance and enjoy it. You never know if you will encounter the same problems as I.

This review was a part of the Blood Moon Blog Tour.
*a copy was provided for review purposes*

3 of 5 stars!! :D

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