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{Blog Tour} Review of Transcend by Christine Fonseca

Author: Christine Fonseca
Release Date: September 18
by, Compass Press
Source: *a copy was provided for review purposes by SupaGirl Tours*
Format: e-book
All seventeen-year-old composer Ien Montgomery desires is an escape from his family's rigid expectations for his life; someone to inspire his music. When he meets a beautiful violin-prodigy, Kiera McDougal, his life music takes on new life. With her, he imagines a future outside of his parents’ control. That is, until a horrible accident tears them apart. 
Sent to die in a sanatorium, Ien’s obsession for Kiera grows unbearable. Tortured by thoughts he can’t escape and the truth of his monstrous disfigurement, he flees, desperate to exact revenge on the people that ruined his life – his parents. But, vengeance is empty. Betrayed by those closest to him, Ien discovers that the price for his happiness may be his sanity.
Set amidst the landscape of New York's Gilded Age, and inspired by Phantom of the Opera, TRANSCEND exposes the fine line between love and madness. {Goodreads}
  First off, I am a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera (the new one...what can I say? Gerald Butler!) and re-tellings/inspirings! Seriously. I love! retellings and what not! Whether its movies (Snow White and the Huntsman, Once Upon a Time, and this coming 2104, Maleficent....the new Aurora movie!!!) books, tv shows, anything!! I love them! And this book...was no exception!

  Like all re-tellings....its not going to be the same as the original. You will see the similarities at times, smile to yourself cus your thinking "hehe..I know whats next", gasp in surprise cus what you thought was going to happen did not happen, then fall in love with all the twists. Dudes, this book has major twists! I fell in love with this book hard. It was beautiful and enchanting, creepy and haunting, magical and heartbreaking! To be honest, I had no clue what I was going to read other than it was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. Man, oh man....was I pleasantly surprised when I read this! Ien is the main character and while some chapters are told in his POV...others were told in third person. Weird combo right? Yes and no...It is a bit different but I really liked it! I would elaborate the story for you but I think its best if you know only what I knew...the mystery was my favorite part I think. The writing in this book is fantastic! It was smooth, gentle, then angry and crazy!! It kind of reminded me of a piano song. One that starts out slow then reaches a huge climax and is scary then smooths out then BAM! Back to the scary climax and better than ever! It reminded me of the song from the Phantom of the Opera! It was just amazing! And that ending...definitely a huge hill to climb!! CR-A-ZY!!! o.O and sooo sad! >.<

  I fell for Ien and felt for him throughout the book. Yes, there were times I wanted to kill him...especially towards the end but even then I felt bad. Ien has a heart the size of the moon and he loves with every inch of his heart. After the terrible accident he is confused, hurt, angry. I wanted to help him but he had to help himself. I loved Jenna and *tears up* I...I just...sigh you guys are going to have to read it! I knew! I knew!! And was screaming at Ien to see it too but he was uhmmm a little late??

   Fonseca has created a masterpiece that does not let the great name of the Phantom of the Opera down. Lets just say that if The Phantom of the Opera was a person and everything that was based off of it were its child....that momma would be a heck of a lotta proud of this prodigy! (I know weird but true no judge ;D) I am sooo happy I got to be a part of this tour to read this book!

  Transcend is just too good to put into words. It is absolutely captivating! I couldn't put it down but I needed to so often cus of school! But when it came to finishing it...I was glued..then I was hyperventilating! haha What do I say? I say that if you are a fan of the Phantom of the need to read this book! But be warned..not everything is what it seems.... *enter creepy music* ;b If you aren't a fan of the Phantom of the Opera but are a fan of a great story about love, hate, finding yourself with a creepy it because it is just beautiful and enchanting and amazing and you will love it for the love, the tragedy ...the beautiful writing Fronseca creates this book with. I highly recommend this to you all to read but it might not be for everyone.

4 of 5 wonderful stars!!

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  1. Retellings are some of my favourite stories ever. This sounds like it's right up my alley! I adore the Phantom of the Opera. Great review!

    - Audrey
    Her Fiction Fix

  2. Same here! Yay! Hope you get to read it and enjoy it! Thank you!! :)

  3. Christine and her writing are AWESOME! I loved this book!


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