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{Review} Tempest by Jenna-Lynne Duncan

Series: Hurricane #1.5
Author: Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Release Date: November 23, 2012
Source: *a copy was provided by the author for review purposes*
Format: E-book
Hayden Boudreaux couldn't decide which was worse— that he was falling in love with a mortal or that the only way to break his family's centuries-old curse would be to kill her. Of all that he was certain was the more time he spent with her, the more he knew he would do anything to protect Adriana Alexander, including sacrificing his eternity. What he wouldn't expect was that Luke - his brother that hated Ana, who wanted to kill her - would decide he would want her as his own.{Goodreads}
  Let me just start off with...I am totally Team Luke. So, maybe that totally makes me a wee-bit biased. Just a wee bit.

  Anyways, even though I totally love Luke...I still really like Hayden. Both boys are great but you know..lil 'ol be likes the mysterious bad boys...even though Luke isn't bad...just mysterious. Hayden is sweet and he totally loves Ana/Adriana. (so does Luke!!..ok I'll stop now) He is loyal and honest. There is not a doubt that he would do anything and everything for Ana and I loved seeing that play out more in this little novella. This book basically goes everything that happened in Hurricane  just very much summarized....and from Hayden's POV of course. Ya, so everything that we read but shorter, skipping over some main events.

  Obviously if it is from Hayden's POV there is going to be more behind the scenes and it will be shorter. And it was. But that is what a novella is give some knowledge for in between books. But here is what I need to get at I guess...Yes, I like Hayden. It was kinda cool to see his point of view but...I didn't think it was all that necessary  Again, novellas (.5's, 1.5's, 2.5's, etc) are meant to give knowledge to the readers about what was going on between certain scenes, before the book, in between books. This was just a summary of what we already read. The difference being it was shorter and from Hayden's POV. That was pretty much it.  I

  It was nothing we didn't already know. Even if it was intended for a more romantic take like Twilight being taken on by Edward, we had already saw his love and because he was such an open book pretty much with his feelings with Ana...I didn't see the necessity. What I would have enjoyed more was it being from Luke's POV ( is where some may think I am biased...oh wells.) I mean...bias would have made more sense. Luke's POV would have given needed knowledge. From the very beginning we knew that Hayden was infatuated with Ana. He may have been criptick and a bit reserved at times but through it all we as readers knew he still liked her a lot...there was just something that was holding him back but with Luke...He hated her. He wanted to kill her. He was focused on the goal and wasn't willing to let feelings get caught up in his mission. Then all of a sudden...BAM! He loves her to.

  The novella from his POV would have let us in to his more mysterious character. We might have gotten to see the hurt behind his parents death...the need that drove him to kill Ana. When did the light switch on and he decided he loved her too? When did she become The One? I merely think (again bias totally aside) it would have filled a bigger purpose. We knew more about Hayden because Hurricane--in a sense--was Ana and his book. They were the main love interest. The plot revolved around Ana and Hayden's love. We got side swept with Luke's love. I mean...he hated her!! Was I the only one thrown off guard? I just don't know I really would have liked it from Luke's POV. To me it would have served a better purpose. Let you gain knowledge of the things we didn't know.

  I liked Tempest. I enjoyed seeing Hayden's view. I am super duper excited for Aftermath!!! So, even though it may sound like I didn't enjoy this novella...and I am complaining...I am not. I enjoyed it. It was really good! A bit blotchy at times but kinda had to be. It isn't absolutely necessary to read but it was fun to read...worth it! :) If you are a fan of Hurricane then definitely read it! And if you are TeamHayden then may want to really read it and maybe you will like it more than me hahaha but what can I say...I am a Luke kinda girl ;) So because the blotchy play and the fact I felt it unnecessary....nothing against the writing...or the series...!! It is still a good ranking I just wasnt completely thrilled with it :) SO can't wait for the next book though!! Please give me!! give me!! give me!! (oh and has a sneak peak to it!!...I skipped it cus..well I always do when there are ones....I like to be surprised...I feel more needy if I read them hahaha)

3 of 5 stars!!!

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