Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!! I hope you all have an amazing day!! I thought I would just post about somethings I am very blessed to have and am greateful of what God has given me! :)
  • Top most and foremost...God! Without him none of us would be here, have what we have, and breathe the air we breathe. He is my rock and friend! He never fails me in my time of need! <3
  • My parents: without them...heck!! I wouldn't be here right now blogging and doing what I love! They are such a major blessing to have and have always been there for me, supporting me and helping me become the girl I am now! Love you!
  • My lil brother who is always there protecting me, standing up for me, listening me rant about my problems and supporting me! And also my lil sister who is always a joy to have and keeps me smiling! And also all m family in general
  • Food o goodness what would I be without food!! I love it so much! It fills my empty belly and I couldn't live without it! (literally!) This is the time of the year I gain 40 pounds!! haha
  • Clothes!! A roof over my head!! A warm bed to sleep in at night!! BOOKSSSSSS!!!!!!! Pluming!!..hahaha definitely thankful for pluming!All excess that I am blessed with! 
  • Miss Taryn Browning! I love you chica so very much and am so thankful to have gotten the chance to talk to you and read/review your amazing book! I can't wait to read the next one!! Here's to you and your awesome personality and talent! :D
  • And last but certainly not least YOU!! yes you!! I love you all very much!Thanks for putting up with me and my boy obsessions, my constant ramblings and more!! I wouldn't be anything without you all! 
So what are you guys thankful for?? Make a post in your blog and leave the link in my comments or leave your list in my comments!! :D Have a great day!

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