Thursday, November 17, 2011

Interview with Kai Sterdam

Hey everyone, today I am interviewing (the hot, amazing, and hilarious) Kai from Taryn Browning's Dark Seeker. I will be asking him some random questions and he will answer, basic interview right?? Lol well her goes nothing!! :D
Welcome to Girls on YA Books Kai! How does it feel to be here?
This is my first interview, so it should be interesting.

Is Kai your actual name or is it short for something?
Yup, I was born with the name Kai Andrew Sterdam.
Do you remember much of your childhood? (If so what are some of your "brightest" memories of?)
You could say I was a normal teenager with an average childhood. You know, single family home in the burbs, two parents and a dog. I played baseball for my high school and got pretty good grades. I wasn’t the most popular but I certainly wasn’t an outcast. I was on course to graduate with a scholarship for baseball. I never had any siblings. But I guess that would just give me someone else to have left behind.

What was it like the day you were changed?
Hot. I lived in Tucson so other than the monsoon season, it was hot and dry. My friends and I were downtown. We checked out a few shops and grabbed something to eat, Mexican, I think. I remember buying some outdated cassette tape *laughs* I don’t even think anyone owns cassette players anymore. I don’t really remember much from the actual change, which is probably a good thing.

How hard was it to adapt to the world after you were given a heart?
Very, as you know. I did some horrible things trying to adjust to my newly granted humanity. After living so many years without a soul, suddenly feeling again was very overwhelming. It was hard to deny the part of me that was innately evil for so long.

If you had the chance to go back to the day you were "changed" would you take it all back and stop it? Why or why not?
Wow *exhales* I don’t know. I mean, of course I miss my old life, my human life, and my parents. But that would mean I’d never meet Janie. She’s taught me a lot about myself and who I want to be.

What was your first impression of Janie?
That she was stubborn, feisty, at times reckless, frustrating…should I go on? *laughs* But then I noticed something else…she was unbelievably adorable and irritating in the best way.

When did you realize you were in love with Janie?
I think I loved her before I even realized what love was. The night Jerome came to ask Janie to rescue Tanya, the thought of Janie going back into that lair alone terrified me. What I didn’t realize was it was because I cared about her. Somehow losing her seemed unbearable.

If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
Hmm, I don’t know. I kind of like life the way it is now. Janie and I working together to rid Baltimore of Daychildren. I guess if I could have one thing, it would be to go back in time and change the event that caused Janie to fear love. She lived so many years isolated from others for fear that she’d get hurt again.

Ok, so we know where the motorcycle came from (which is pretty freakin awesome by the way) but where did the scythe come from?
I’d like to say it’s as cool of a story as Janie’s, but no, my mother didn’t pass a deadly weapon down to me. She was more of the church-going type and less of the beheading type. It was after I’d been granted my humanity. I found it in some random shop and really liked it. I’ve been using it ever since. It’s definitely effective.

Would you consider yourself the romantic type?
Haha, no! I’m not really into the whole chocolate and roses thing. I guess I show my feelings through action…and sarcasm. Since meeting Janie I’ve gotten better at expressing my feelings in other ways.

What is it like having the power you posses and the skill to fight?
It’s cool. I like being able to do things that others can’t. They certainly come in handy when I’m up against a Daychild with an ability.

If you could describe yourself in three words what would they be?
Good-looking *smirks*, tough, flawed—but I’m working on that one *smiles*

What were your first thoughts when you stepped through the door and saw Janie's mentor and mother?
Some four-letter words for sure. I was to say the least, shocked…and then, well, regretful.

When did you decide that you were going to kill your own kind?
It took awhile. The transition back to humanity was excruciating. To suddenly have a conscience after all I’d done. It took a few months before I could even go out into society. Then one day I knew in order to make up for what I’d done I had to kill the monsters who took my life from me. Stop them from harming anyone else. I’m still working on that one.

~~~~~Thanks for stopping by Kai!! I had such a blast talking with you!! I can't wait to read more of your and Janie's adventures! Tell Janie Hi for me and kick some Daychildren butt while your out there!

I will. With Janie, there's always an adventure. Thanks for having me.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~***
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Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you enjoyed the interview and info!! :D


  1. Very nice interview!! Kai did great for his first one :) *I really love that boy*

  2. Lol I really love this boy too!! I had a blast talkin with him!! :D Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  3. Thanks Heather! <3 :) You girls are awesome! *hugs*


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