Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A different side to my blogging~Things you ALL need to know

Hello everyone! How has 2012 been treatin you? Well it's been treating me with a butt load of stuff to do! I'm busy with school, work, blogging, reading etc. I just turned 15 too! :D Exciting right? Lol well because of all the business I have gotten WAY behind on reading and blogging! Like no joke! I'm way more backed up than I would like to be. And honestly, not all of it's because of being busy.....

Lately I have been bombarded with all sorts of review requests (which is SO not a bad thing, I love getting requests and new books to read! It's awesome) it's just that it can be a little hectic and crazy. You constantly have to worry about getting your reviews out there, worrying about not liking it and sometimes having to put down the book you want to read so you can read someone else's. Now it was just starting to get a little TOO hectic and crazy for me that it was no longer fun and I found myself neglecting my blog or posting cus I felt like I HAD to blog. Sucks right?

Well no longer. I took my small little break and am back to it I promise but there is one catch: I will not be posting AS often. Things are going to be on MY pace now. So for you authors that have requested and genourously given me copies of your books I do have a promise.....

Authors!!!~~~I promise I will get you your reviews as fast as possible but I hope you DO know that I am only 15 so I have to juggle school along with reading. Sadly I can't read as much as I want and as LONG as I want because of the price of school and its evil homework but I will in due time. I DO have other review copies that were given to me sooner than some so there for I will be reading them in the order given. If you have a specific date you need it by I will push it to the front (after I read the one I am currently reading) If you do not have a specific date given to me sorry, there is nothing you can do but WAIT PATIENTLY so I have time to get to your book. Also remember.....I do NOT have to review your book if I did not like it. Ask yourself  "Do I want a negative review that will probably show the truth or do I want a email stating the review will not be posted do to not liking it?" Honestly though, most of the time I will still review it liked or not. I will try to state the positive as best as I can. Although you DO have the right to say whether or not it should be posted on goodreads and/or amazon.

Bloggers!!!!!!~~~~ I promise to stay up to date with my memes as best as possible. Somtimes you will find me skipping one or two every now and then but I will try my best. My reviews will be posted frequently and honestly. I will try to provide the best helpful reviews I can just for........well, YOU!!! :D I love what I do and try to do it as often as I can. Some reviews will be shorter/longer than others but that never means a definitely like/not like. I Love each and everyone of you and blogging is all for you! I love your comments and feedback! It brings the greatest joy ever! <3

Now, with that all said, you will see a frequent amount of reviews these next few weeks. Why? Like I said I am SOO BEHIND!!!!! :O It's a scary thought but it's true! :/ So thank you, viewer; the one reading this post now, I hope you understand this and will continue following me! :)

With lots of love,

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