Wednesday, October 24, 2018

{13 Days of Halloween} D6- Halloween Worthy Quotes

And its Day 6! So far....
I've shown you some of the most ghostly reads
the most suspenseful reads
 and the most witchy reads from the last year till now.

Titles are pretty
Covers are enticing
A premise is inviting.
Am I the only one who sometimes needs to open the book and you know..
read the first page or even sometimes a random page to make up your mind?
To get you hooked and excited to start?
I can't be.
Here are some Halloween fitting quotes to get you a little more excited!
(keep in mind I'm still behind catching up on all the books from 2012
to now. That being said, some of these quotes are a little out dated.)
But!! Throwbacks are cool too!
(each book is linked to its Goodreads page)
The Ghostly:
“So . . . this means we’re buried in the same cemetery?”
He nodded, and then the tiniest smile crept over his features. When he spoke again, his tone had lost some of its bitter edge. “More proof that we’re fated to be together, don’t you think?” 
“If that were the case, Eli, I’d have a whole graveyard full of choices, wouldn’t I?”
"Blood. Terrified, I stared at my crimson fingers.
'Surrender to me.'
'Never!" I yelled.
The thing's laughter rang over the pounding pulse in my ears. I realized in horror that I hadn't told my mom good-bye. I was going to die, and I hadn't even said good-bye....Just like Dad.
'I will have you. You are mine. Surrender'
A sharp pain shot up my abdomen. I watched as drops of blood seeped through my shirt. Run! I yanked off the high-heeled shoes. I could hear it laughing as I bounded down the patio stairs two at a time into the parking lot. Run! I had to get away. Another slash across my stomach.
'Never!' I screamed as I ran between the cars toward the Ferris wheel. A horrible ripping sensation filled my body--like Velcro ripping out my insides. Alden was right. These weren't just voices. Somehow this voice was making me bleed. It had entered my body. And now I was housing its soul."

The Suspenseful:
"Then I heard a scream.
When I whipped around, the dog cowerede so low she hugged the ground. Her owner held the heavy chain.  He must have jerked it.
The sick bastard smiled at me.
I swelled with loathing, brimmed with it. I'd never hated anyone as much as I hated him in that moment; my fingers itched with the violence they wanted to do but couldn't. So I turned and ran, to give my trembling limbs some relief from the fury that boiled up from a dark place I didn't know existed. My feet pounded the pavement, wishing they could trample the smile on that piece of filfth's face. and as the thought spiked through my brain, I saw it. The redneck's skull caved in, leaving a gaping, pulpy hole in the side of his head. A thick cloud of flies clogging his mouth. Blood staining the sandy dirt by the lumber pile in a wide, darkening pool around his body.
He deserved to die" 

The Witchy:
“It's called Sunday school, but we are required to attend twice weekly: on Sunday before regular service and again on Wednesday evenings. There are two separate classes: one for children under ten, held in the classroom down the hall, to teach them basic prayers and the tenets of the Brotherhood's beliefs, and one for girls aged eleven to seventeen, to teach us about how wicked we are.” 
“I heard the man and woman cry a warning as I frantically racked my brain for some sort of throat-repairing spell, which I was clearly about to need. Of course the only words that I actually managed to yell at the werewolf as he ran at me were, 'BAD DOG!'

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught a flash of blue light on my left. Suddenly, the werewolf seemed to smack into an invisible wall just inches in front of me....

"You know," someone said off to my left, "I usually find a blocking spell to be a lot more effective than yelling 'Bad dog,' but maybe that's just me.” 
What'd you think?
Yeah, they're kind of old...
Read any of these before?
Recognize them?
Let me know below!

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