Thursday, October 25, 2018

{13 Days of Halloween} D7- Best Halloween-Worthy Books I've Read to Date

It's Day 8.
Halloween is creeping closer and closer you guys!
I'm stoked.
Today's a little bit of nostalgia.
I have for you today a list comprised of all the books I have deemed
as the best creepy/thrilling/halloween-worthy books I've read to date.
(the books are not ordered in any specific order)

This book. This book is everything. I think I've already mentioned it twice this month...its that good. It's that creepy. I remember being so confused as to what was going on and just having these chills constantly throughout the entirety of the book. Mara is creepy guys. Shes great. But she's creepy. Noah Shaw might have been another reason as to why I had chills the entire book, and its not cause he was creepy if you know what I'm saying ;)

This book takes possession to an entirely new different level guys. I have already mentioned this book this month too. I took out a quote on an accurate representation of what this book is capable of here if you are interested. This book is good. And that cover? Gah!

So this book, look at that it not creepy? It did get a makeover so the newer covers don't reflect the same way. This book deals with vampires and I mean its Julie Kagawa so you know its good. She has such an effortless writing style that is so cinematic. This cinematic quality of her writing is what gives it its creepy tone. These aren't the vampires of Twilight be very aware of that. These are the type that will haunt you in your dreams and it is so dang good!

So, this one isn't necessarily creepy but the title? The synopsis? It's all about nightmares you guys and the hunt to discover a murder before it happens. This mystery and pace of the book keep you hooked. I never continued on with the series but I think this another I'm going to have to touch back on. Its great. If you haven't so!

I remember this book being 1. Creepy af and 2. one of my favorite reads. This book took me by surprise in so many ways. I was not expecting it to have the amount of creepy factor it had. I did not see that ending coming. I did not see the paranormal element it had going for it. These surprises won my heart. I still can't put into words how much I enjoyed this book. If you haven't read this yet. DO! Like now. It's only 6.15 on Kindle right now...just so you know *shrugs casually*. I seriously can't believe Yelena Black has yet to write anything else. I'd pick up her next book ASAP if she came out with one. 

I'd still have to agree with 6 years ago me, the synopsis gives way too much away. I think this was my first re-telling of Frankenstein and I loved it. "It chilled me more than I thought it would. I knew it was going to be semi-creepy because of the whole Frankenstein thing but I didn't think it would have this creepy fog hovering over it the entire book. It was like having those gloomy thunderstorm clouds with the lightening cackling every now and then. It gave me goosebumps I will admit. It also had my heart squeezing and flipping."--from my review 6 years ago. If that doesn't tell you...I don't know what will.

I know, these books are all quite a throwback.
But!! Throwbacks can be healthy! Sometimes its good to look back!
Have you guys read any of these?
See any that you want to read now?
What are some of your creepiest reads?
Let me know below!

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