Saturday, September 24, 2011

Iron Knight arc contest

Ok so my perfect day would be with the amazing, adventurous, hysterical Puck. I figured that, to get the real idea of all the fun, laughter, excitement, and emotion, I would write my day in a short story form. So here it goes.. 

I woke up to the sound of a raven's call and the rapid beat of wings. I opened my eye slightly to see it was now morning.  Rolling on my side, I picked up my phone to check the clock. It was 8:00 a.m. Today was Saturday and it was way to early for me to wake up. Pulling the covers over my head I tried to fall back to sleep.

The cawing and sound of the wings only grew louder making it impossible to ever go back to sleep. *Since when do we get ravens at our house?* I thought, really annoyed now. 

I got out of bed, got dressed and went to the bathroom to fix my hair. At the sight of my tangled hair I thought better of finishing getting ready and instead jumped in the shower. 

By the time I re-dressed, finished my hair and applied my thin layer of makeup only an hour had passed. My family was still asleep. We took the weekend as a time to relax and catch up on the needed sleep, which usually meant we didn't awake till around ten. Call us lazy but that was just our thing.

I opened my door and cupped a hand over my mouth to conceal a scream. Sitting on my bed was the infamous Robin Goodfellow, better known as Puck. It wasn't that I wasn't happy on him being here, heck I was completely thrilled it was just he had caught me off guard. 

Puck lowered down to a laying position, an elbow perched to hold his head and an amused grin on his face.

"Well it's about time! I have been waiting for you all morning." He said. 

I look out my door to make sure none of my family had awoke yet. Quietly, I closed my door and turned to face Puck. For a moment I just stared too flabbergasted to say anything but eventually curiosity got the best of me and I broke the silence.

"What are you doing here?" 

"Julie gave me permission to spend a whole day with a human and I chose you. So hurry it up so we can get a start on this day. I only have twenty-four hours you know." I couldn't help but smile. I felt completely honored that he had chosen me. Out of the humans in the world, Puck had chosen me...but why?

"How come you chose me?" He sat up crossed to the opposite side of the room and picked up
some of my books. Those books held my drawings and writings. 

"Partly because of these. We as Fey are drawn to the imagination and talent humans hold and you hold a great amount. Your drawings and writings consist of most of the things I enjoy, for example: forests, humorous adventures, pranks...well I don't think you need me to tell you about what you created. You intrigued me, simply sparked my curiosity." I blushed at his words. They were flattering and a bit embarrassing. Only my immediate family ever knew about my hobby. I liked to keep it a secret. 

Like an idiot, I replied with only saying, "O." 

He just laughed and turned to the window. "But, if you'd like I can leave-"

"No! I mean, no. It's fine. I'd love to spend a day with you." He grinned mysteriously and his eyes glowed the most gorgeous green. His look made my stomach turn in uneasiness. I have read about that grin before and it always lead up to trouble but I was also excited. Miss Kagawa had given me a full day with Puck!! How much more lucky could I get?

Puck sanded his hands together and walked to my door. "Ok, so first things first. I am going to take you to the Neverever but there are some grounds we need to cover." My hopes soared even higher. My question was answered. My luck just doubled, because not only was a spending the day with Puck, but i was spending it with him in the Neverever too. I nodded my head, giving permission to lay out the rules.

"Rule number one: stay by me at all times. I never want you leaving my sight. As you may know the Neverever is anything but gumdrops and lollipops. It is a very dangerous place for a mortal and I fear that if anything were to happen to you Jullie would never allow me another day with you or even worse....there would be no you to spend a day with." I shuddered at the thought but was refusing to let fear overcome me having my perfect day.

"Rule number two: Don't accept anything from any of the Fey. You are not meant to digest what we have to offer." At this he smiled probably in rememberence of his best friend, and forever love, Meghan Chase's last experience with eating their food. 

I smiled to but my heart sank at the same time. He would always love her and even though he has taken a keen interest in me, it was more of a love a person would have for a pet. Again I put this thought away. Nothing would ruin my day with Puck nothing.

"And Rule number three: When I say run you run, when I say hide you hide, when I say no it's no, and when I say its time to go I mean its time to go, no exceptions." 

"Got it!" I said with a grin. He was starting to sound like my mother. As much fun as spending a day in the Neverever sounded I also realized that a day there may be a month here. An idea sparked and i had to suggest it quick. 

"On one condition.." He looked at me in confusement and opened his mouth to object but I quickly cut him off.

"You show me some of your favorite places, hideouts, and tricks...and....when we come back I get to drag you around some of my favorite places here." He contemplated what I had just said for a moment then smiled.

"That's more than one condition but it's a deal." He turned around and scratched his head. "Now just how are we going to get there?" He pursed his lips. "Do you have any younger siblings?"

"Yupp! I have a eleven year old brother and a little sister." 

"Aha! That will work. We need access to your sister's room." That would be easy she was still really young and, to our advantage, had slept in my parents bed last night. We were able to go in and find the trod easily, getting throught the trod was another story but Puck, being who he is, was able to get us through without to much resistance. 

The Neverever isn't something to be described in words. It's beauty and splendor is beyond the imagination. 

Puck started off our day with a tour of the Neverever. The Fey nobles weren't to pleased with my presence but Puck was always there to give warnings and protect me. Nobody was daring enough to go against his wishes and I was very thankfull. 

He showed me some of his hidden domains that he would stay at from time to time. Puck had many and suprised me by showing me as many as he did. They each resembled him in different ways. He never stopped suprising me. Ever. 

Next we spent time pulling pranks on many Fey and getting ourselves into trouble. We crashed parties, ticked of a drunk clan of goblins, and even pranked Ash, former prince of the Unseelie Court. We barely escaped with our lives on that one. The last image I have from that moment is his handsome face knit with annoyance and flying ice shards aimed for our bodies. 

The whole day was filled with nothing but constant laughter and trouble. I began to worry about the time and insisted on leaving. As much fun as I had there and how much its beauty amazed me, I didn't want to return finding a hundred years have passed and I was left alone.  Finally Puck gave in and lead me back home. To my luck, time hadn't passed too quickly and it was only 4:00.

My parents were downstairs and my brother was hidden in his room, glued to his video games. Even though I had left a note saying I would be out with some friends for the day, miraculously arriving from upstairs would have drawn some suspicion. Because of that me and Puck were forced to use my window and climb down. After he gently lifted me down, I gave him a smile.

"Thanks, for everything. I had lots of fun. You may have caused me to almost lose my life more than a few times..but it was worth it." The mention of my life almost being lost made him laugh. 

"It was my pleasure." He said with a small bow. He came up with the same, quirky grin he always wore and I smiled in response. 

"Ok, so now it's my turn you ready?" Rolling his eyes he waved me to lead the way. I was worried that my time would even compare to his but it was worth a shot. Before we left my room I managed to grab my camera. I suddenly stopped and pulled it out. 

"Smile." Leaning against Puck I lifted it up and captured the beginning of our day(well, the beginning of the day in my world that is). He looked down to me in confusion but I pulled him along before he could ask any questions. I wanted to remember this day forever with proof to back me up. 

I hadn't forgotten about how it all works: humans tend to not remember their interactions with the fey. They either forget it completely or it becomes something of a distant dream and I refused to ever forget these perfect moments.

My days activities consisted of skydiving, rock climbing, roller-coaster riding, skiing, going to the zoo, and more, which were all made possible by the convenient of the trods. I have to give Puck some credit too. Without him sneaking us into the places before opening time we might not have gotten to do as much as we did

Then we went to the local fair. We rode the rides, played the booth games and again caused much havoc. Puck even won me ten huge stuffed bears from one of the booths but because it was such a hassle to carry them everywhere we had to give them away. I of course kept one. 

Eventually we weren't allowed to play any of them anymore because each one insisted we had cheated in some way even though they couldn't prove it. I took pictures of every moment.

It's not like we didn't cause trouble because we did. Alot. Everywhere we had gone throughout the day Puck had left his mark in someway. Throwing eggs from atop the Farris-wheal, sending mice and lizards lose at certain parts of the fair, and causing some of the rides to malfunction (no one was hurt in the process) was all fun but it all had to end sometime. 

The day was cut short when my parents called saying I had to come home. Puck pouted a bit but took me home right away. Honestly this worried me a bit. It wasn't like Puck to obey the authority.

When we got to my door I waited to walk in.

"Thanks again Puck. I had the best day of my life!" At this he raised his eyebrows and smiled. I giggled in response. "I really did, honestly. I'm just sorry it had to end." I lowered my head in disappointment. Darn my parents for ever making me come home. Puck only laughed and lifted my chin. 

"This day isn't over. I'd like to get my full twenty-four hours." I gave a look of absolute confusement and he continued to laugh. "Meet me on your roof at 11:00 p.m. K?" 

I didn't know what he had planned and doubted we could delay this day any further but I just nodded. Again he smiled his amazing smile and kissed my cheek making my stomach flip and my heart to flutter. 

"I'll see you later." He winked and with that he was gone.

I stood breathless for  awhile. I was too stunned and giddy to move until my dad opened the door.

"Are you going to come in?" He said with an eyebrow raised. 

"Ya. Sorry." I stepped in the house and gave him a hug. My family was sitting down at the table eating a late dinner. Do to my dad's late working hours it was a normal routine. 

"Dinner is on the stove. I would have served you," comented my mom,"but you were late." 

"I know and I'm sorry we just got caught up and lost track of time. I already ate anyways but thanks for the offer." I gave them each a hug and went straight to the stairs. "It was a long day so 
I'm just going to go to bed, k?" Mother studdied me for a bit then nodded her head in approval.

"Love ya guys, night!"

After another round of hugs, I went to my room and closed the door. I changed into my pj's and opened my laptop to start downloading all of today's pictures. While I waited for them to download I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair back. 

Now that I was ready for bed I watched each picture flash as it completed its process. I couldn't help but laugh. Each picture held the highlights of our day: Puck getting dunked in the water tank, me being chased by a group of angry chickens (honor of Puck letting the petting zoo animals loose at the fair), back of a bald guy's head that Puck Oh so artistically drew on, all of our won stuffed animals, Puck laughing hysterically at the guy at the booth who was covered in bird goop, and so many more. 

The downloading process was half-way through when I heard something pecking at my window. I made my way over and pulled back my curtains. At first I saw nothing and turned around when a raven began cawing wildly. I turned back and put my face against the glass, hoping to get a better look at what was causing the disruption, when Pucks face appeared on the glass as he yelled out "Boo!"

I shrieked and fell back in response. My dad, hearing the noise I had made, came halfway up the stairs and said, " Jaiden, is everything OK up there?"

"Ya dad! I'm fine I just...tripped!" I replied and came to the top to ease any doubt he may have had. "You know me! I'm such a klutz." We both laughed, mine a little more half-hardheartedly, and returned to our activities. 

"Puck!" I exclaimed after shutting my door and opening the window. He was now in a fit of laughter having to hold his side as if it pained him. "What are you doing here!?"

He raised his eyebrows and smirked. "I told you already. I am going to get my full days worth. now come on!"

He turned to leave and stopped as I hesitated. 

"Um. I really wasn't expecting this so--" I looked down at my pj's and slippers and blushed. "I'm gonna change. I'll be right out." 

Puck just laughed as he shook his head and jumped out the window. "Fine just hurry it up will you?" I didn't reply other than nod and pull the curtains shut. 

Quickly, I slightly applied makeup, brushed my hair, pulled it into a ponytail, and through on a pair of jeans; a t-shirt; and a light jacket then met him on the roof. 

When I came out he smiled and looked at me for what seemed like forever, of course, making me blush.

"What? Why are you staring at me like that?"

"Ah, no reason." He came to my side and lifted my chin gently turning it from side to side. "You could have done without the makeup. You look just as beautiful." I blushed and tried to squirm out of his hold but he didn't allow it. Now he moved my chin to face him. His green eyes shined even brighter and again he smiled his most dazzling grin. "Even when you blush." 

Biting my lip I noticed how easy it would be to close the small space and meet his lips but was afraid that by doing so he would leave and never return.

Clearing my throat I attempted to sound strong so he wouldn't notice how much I was struggling at his nearness. "So, where are we going?" 

Unfortunately my voice be-trade me coming out too high pitched and squeaky. Puck laughed and finally released my face trading it for my hand.

"Somewhere special." 

At that he leaped down off the roof and told me to jump. After several minutes of refusal I jumped, landing safely in his arms. He had to pry me off of him because I was scared I woould either fall again or through up my dinner which only made him laugh even more. 

He then lead me to a small silver car which he claimed to have just "borrowed" and then blind folded me. Puck said he wanted it to be a surprise so I didn't object even though not seeing where I was going made me uneasy. 

About twenty minutes later the car stopped and Puck was on my right opening the door and helping me out. I walked blind folded with only his voice and hand as my guide when we stopped abruptly and he took off the clothe only to replace it with his hands. 

"We're here!" He announced enthusiastically. Finally my vision was returned to me. I was left breathless in a small area surrounded by trees with a small creek running through. The stars shined bright and the creek made soothing noises making the scenery complete. 

On the ground were some blankets and a small picnic basket. I spun around to only bump straight into his chest. I put my hands out to balance myself and felt the vibrations of his laugh beneath my palms. I looked up to him with a wide smile.

"Puck this is beautiful. I've never seen this before!" 

Chuckling he said," Well, that's kind of the point." He grabbed my hand once again and lead me to the picnic basket and blankets. 

We ate some fruit and other food that was sworn to be safe and talked. I started shivering and he pulled me closer to him, wrapping one of the large blankets around us both and encasing me in his heat. 

The rest of the night he told me of his travels and his favorite pranks. He started telling me about his life with Meghan and even before his time before her. He told of the courts and when him and Ash were friends. Eventually my eyes got heavy and I snuggled up against his chest listening to his steady heartbeat and the slow rise and fall of his chest. 

"Jaiden," Puck whispered into my ear, "I really did have a great day. One of the best honestly for awhile now." 

This made me smile and the want to kiss him resurfaced. This time I followed through raising my head slightly to pear into his emerald eyes and leaned forward to gently peck him on the lips. I made it short and sweet in case he pulled away leaving me feeling guilty then snuggled into his chest again. 

His whole body stiffened and I caught a glimpse of confusion and worry on his face before sleep took over.

When I awoke the next morning it was because of Puck's gentle shake and whispered begs to wake up.

"Come on now, I better get you home before they notice your missing." I mumbled a brief word of refusal and turned away from him. He sighed in annoyance then I was suddenly lifted into the air and placed in the car. 

The next time I was awakened we were parked down the street from my house. This tme I had no choice but to walk. I still held on to Puck's arm for support but had to let go again to climb. 

After he lifted me up on the roof I leaned into him once more looping my arms around his back. 

Again he hesitated but looped his arms around my waist and pulled me in tighter. 

"Thank-you Puck. For everything." I chuckled. "It was the best day of my life. Don't forget to thank Julie for me too. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have gotten to get this day with you after all." 

"Nah, I would have gotten one anyways." I laughed quietly. Ya, that was probably true. Puck isn't one for obeying the authority and not getting what he wants. 

We stood like that for awhile and I was the first to pull away. As I reached my window I turned around and waved goodbye. He smiled back but it wasn't his genuine smile that I was used to. 

This one seemed conflicted and a bit pained. I turned around and opened my window about to step in when I was wirled around and met with a kiss. Puck's kiss. 

This time he was the first to pull away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he squeezed me tight. 

"Don't forget about me." He whispered.

"Never." He squeezed me one last time and released me. When I got into my room he popped his head back in grinning his usual grin.

"Don't worry....I'll be back. That I promise" With a wink he was gone but not permanately, because whether his promise would be withheld, I would forever remember my day with the infamous Robin Goodfellow, court jester to King Oberon. No madder what the fey say about humans not remembering, he will always be apart of me in my thoughts and heart. I will never forget. Never.

~So that's my entry. hope it doesn't brake any rules cus I don't remember it saying only in list form or under a certain amount of characters hehe. Either way I enjoyed sharing my day with Puck with you! Hope you enjoyed it! 
<3 Jaiden

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