Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tunes Tuesday (3)

Well hello there!! :) I owe some major apologies...I haven't blogged in what...a whole week!! Crazy right? but I do have a legitament excuse hehe. Last week teachers bombarded us with tests, quizzes, and lots of homework! Plus we had a volleyball tournament ( which we took home 3rd place!!). So ya thats what ended up happening last week causing me to miss: Tunes Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Follow Friday, Blog Hop Friday and Fun Fact Friday! *Sigh* But fear not I should be here all week lol. So without further a do: Heres today's Tunes Tuesday:

***Ok so before  I give you the actual songs of the week I'm going to tell you about some of the changes I have made...
       Obviously I will still be posting music but because I am a book blog I figured I should somehow incorporate the two and guess what!!... I found a way! :D So now every week I will post one song that I just oh so happen to love and then a second song that somehow describes or resembles (just reminds you of) a certain YA fictional character!
*Btw don't be afraid to join in on this fun weekly meme of mine as long as you say that it is hosted by me I'm all good!! Maybe eventually if more people like the idea I can try to have a linky thing like other memes such as Waiting on Wednesday or Follow Friday. And if you don't feel like doing this too then well....give me back my cookie! haha jk no then it will just be me against the world! haha anyways I've already pushed this meme far enough so here is today's "TT"

~Pieces by Red
I (one) LOVE this song.The beginning is slow but beautiful with the chosen instruments. The words remind me so much of Ash from The Iron Fey Series don't you think?
Ash is a tortured soul who has always had to hide his feelings because of his relation to the Unseelie Court. Any emotions shown would cost him grately so he lives his life pretty much hunting for the sake to kill (kind of scary hah?) But he had lost so much and wants nothing but to be comferted and loved again. And that's when Meghan Chase comes along to pull him back together and "make him whole" Again love love love the song and *sighs in admeration* LOVE HIM!! By far my biggest love of all fictional boys I have ever read about!! Definitely my fictional husband! I'm just sayin haha

And now for just a fun song:
Hope you enjoyed them!! :)

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