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{Interview} Hope Collier auhtor of The Willows: Haven

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~~~~~~~*The Book*~~~~~~~
The Willows: Haven (Willows #1)
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When tragedy strikes, seventeen year-old Ashton Blake sets out on a cross-country road trip, leaving the comforts of Malibu for the mountains of Kentucky. Along the way, she encounters Gabe Willoughby—the mysterious drifter with eyes like the sea and a knowing smile. Getting to know Gabe raises questions about her past. But no secret can be buried forever, and Ashton soon finds herself in a world where water is air and myth becomes reality.

Just as Ashton comes to accept her newfound heritage, she’s summoned to fulfill a treaty laid down centuries before — a treaty that will divide her love and test her loyalty. In the end, her future isn’t her biggest concern, her humanity is. To run may mean war, but is she strong enough to stay? {Goodreads}

~~~~~~~*The Interview*~~~~~~~
  1. What made you decide to write about the naiads, nymphs, and dryads?
I didn't specifically choose to write about nymphs in the beginning. In fact, they started out as angels, but I wasn't happy with that. I began researching other "beings" and realized no one had used nymphs as a basis for a story. It was a nice setup since people know what nymphs are, but don't have any preconceived notions like they would with angels or vampires.
  1. If Ashton's mom was with her at The Valley, what would she tell her?
Edlyn would tell Ashton to be true to herself. She would encourage her not to give up, to stand strong and fight for the things she loves most.
  1. What is a hobby (besides writing) that you enjoy?
I absolutely adore music, so that's something I really enjoy in any way. I also love reading and crafty stuff like making weird and vintage jewelry and bookmarks. I'm game for anything outdoors: hiking, playing sports, camping, etc. But my favorite thing is spending time with my family and friends.
  1. What inspired Gabe and Kyle's characters?
As cliché as it sounds, I dreamed about Gabe which is also why he began as an angel. He was this inherently good guy who wanted to help people. That gradually took on a life of its own, and he became the Gabe he is now. I didn't have much say in the matter! Kyle started out as a filler character. I needed someone to take up a spot in the story. I never meant for him to play such a big part, but he just kept popping back up and demanding attention. Inspiration wise, I really just wanted him to be the kind of friend anyone would want … a friend who's always there and loves you through thick and thin.
  1. There are a lot of foods in the world, what is your favorite?
Hmm. That's a tough question. I'm a carbo junky in every way, so I like any kind of pasta or breads. I also love just about all veggies. Most of my family keeps a garden, so I grew up them.
  1. What was the hardest thing in writing The Willows: Haven?
The hardest part for me was trying to find a balance between too much information and not enough with the important stuff in Gabe and Ashton's worlds. Because the story isn't exclusively human, and no one really knows a lot about nymphs, I had to build an entire world and culture on top of introducing the characters and keeping the storyline on track.
  1. What is your haven?
My haven is my bedroom when the house is quiet except for the sound of my music in the background. I have a great book in my hand or my laptop in front of me, and I'm enjoying the ever-exciting world of imagination!  

~~~~~~~*The Author*~~~~~~~

Hope Collier was born in Harlan County, Kentucky. Growing up in the Appalachia, she quickly learned that a good imagination, along with the ability to outrun the neighbor's cantankerous dog, was essential to survival. Hope wrote and illustrated her first book at the age of six and never stopped writing. She now lives in central Kentucky with her husband, two daughters, and a menagerie of pets. When not spending time with her imaginary friends, you're likely to find her stalking other writers on Twitter or searching out new ways of fitting square pegs into round holes.

Find her here:

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