Friday, December 9, 2011

3rd times a charm....right???

Ok so I posted last time about my new blog-makeover getting deleted and so I ended up having to come up with a quick back up plan. That back up plan serves as my blog design now! :) But now that I have thought over it more I wanted to try re-designing my bllog again's me trying for a 3rd time!! Haha hope you guys like it! So in other words this post is just letting you know that if anything is out of order or different/strange looking that's why! My blog is under construction...again lol

Yupp so pay no attention to this work in progress! It will come along slowly but surely. I will still be posting reviews and such while it is under that process so just bare with me K? :) ....

..........That being said. There is one last little thing....Finals. Yes, those gross little monsters that haunt us in our high school years....(one word I have for those: GROSS!!!!!) So, yes, this week is finals week and to maintain my grade status I will have to cut down the time I devote to my blog and Twitter (and I was just getting in the swing of twitter and liking it!!) :/ It sicks...but it must be done! I just keep telling myself: "its just one week, its just one week!" Hopefully that chant will hold me over. The only thing being posted is my Waiting on Wednesday post and my review of this week! :)

So wish me good luck!! Man, it can get so stressful on finals week! *takes deep breath* 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.......10 *exhales* Sorry, they say deep breaths help! ;) Have a great weekend everyone! :) I'll be back (hopefully tomorrow with a review) but officially next Saturday!
<3 Jaiden

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