Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vote Janie in the YA-Heroine Tourney!! :D

Ok so as all of you know from my Tournament post, I am so voting for Jaine, the awesome Seeker from Taryn Browning's book Dark Seeker (if you want to learn more about this awesome book here is its goodreads page: Dark Seeker)
First Match-up Against Bella on December 7th.

Stats: Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning 
Name: Janie Grey
Affiliation: Human - Seeker
Weapon of Choice:  Dagger blade stake
Talents: Slaying Vampires, Daychildren and all around Butt Kicking with her martial arts and dagger training
Location: Baltimore 
Passed down through her Cherokee heritage, she is a Seeker. She hunts down Vampires and Daychildren. These Vamps are not of the sparkly variety..NO! They are nasty mean creatures. But the Daychildren are much worse! Vamp/Demon hybrids mean these vile beings posses demonic abilities and can roam in the daylight. Only Janie Grey stands between them and YOU!
If you want a hardcore Heroine VOTE Janie Grey, she can kick some Vampire butt all day!! 
Check out this awesome Trailer while your here! :D
(created by April Haug)

Don't leave without one of these awesome buttons!! 

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Ok so know you've heard all about this kick-butt chica now go do something about it!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!! JANIE! Bella may have Edward and Jacob...but what is does she kill to protect? Does she have a headstrong winning personality? Does she have Kai?? No. No. and NO!! Everything about Janie is likable and amazing! So once more I will say.....Vote Janie in the YA-Heroine Tourney on December 7th!!!!! I will be but will you? :D

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