Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 Day#1: Winners! :D Congrats to all!

First I will say that I had sooo much fun with this! Oh and that next time I will be better prepared and have these polls out sooner to give you all more time! I promise! This year just crept up on me and before I knew it, it was already a week before 2012!! I freaked out and hurried these out! Never the less like I said I had a blast! This year has been such a blessing! YOU picked the winners and here they are!!! :D

~*2011's Favorite Couple*~
Clara & Jace from the Mortal Instruments!
Congrats to the lucky couple! Luv ya two!
(The Books
~*2011's Favorite YA Author*~
Stephanie Perkins!
I am a little sheepish to admit this but I haven't read her books yet. But I will! I just got Anna and the French Kiss for Christmas! :D I'll get there I promise! But Congrats Stephanie!
(Her Books)  

~*2011's Best Villain*~
Jeanie from Divergent!
Congrats to you evil sinister! You are bad to the bone! ;)
(The Books

~*2011's Best (crush-worthy) Hero*~ 
Ash from The Iron Fey Series!
EEP! This smolderin-hot guy so deserves this! Congrats Ash! You'll forever be on my throne!
P.S. I promise I didn't rig it! ;) *pinky promises* The crowd just wants what the crowd wants! And hell, I don't blame them! lol
(The Books) 

~*2011's Best Heroine*~
Karou from Daughter of Smoke and Bone!
Congrats! Kick-ass titles belong to kick-ass chicas! :D
(The Books
~*2011's Best (gorgeous) Cover*~
Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey!
Congrats! This book is pure out gorgeous! And I have been informed from Ms. Lindsey that it has meaning! So not only is it gorgeous! But it's meaning is transformed into gorgeousness! <3 this cover!
(The Book)
~*2011's Favorite Ways of Books*~
 Series! (Books with more than 3)
Couldn't agree more! I like trilogies once in a while but lately they are over done! :/ 
(Example: The Iron Fey or The Mortal Instruments{Links above})

~*2011's Favorite Types of Books*~
These have been really popular lately! But who can blame that publicity! I love them! They are almost always great! It's neat to see the world in someone else's eyes! I like to switch up my reading though so I'll switch on and of between many genres! :)
(Examples: Divergent{link above})  

~*Whether or Not you 2011 readers enjoyed my poll*~
YES!! ;)
haha and for that I am greatfull! Thank you! *bows* *blows kisses haha

And there are your #Bestof2011 in characters! Pat yourselves on the backs! Your favorites have been chosen! I really do hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! Lol I really did! Having to create them then counting up all the votes! Yes I had a BLAST! lol Happy New Years! Don't forget to vote your favorite BOOKS of 2011! You can find the form from this direct link! (LINK) Thank you guys soooooo very much!! And of course....CONGRATS to all the winners! You truly deserve it! You authors are pretty freakin amazing!! <3 *hugs*

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