Saturday, December 3, 2011

YA-Sisterhood's YA Heroine Tournament!

So as many of you probably know the YA-Sisterhood had a Crush Tournament this last summer and have now added a new tournament.....the YA Heroine Tournament!!! :D Isn't that exciting?? The heroines have been decided and now its up to us to vote!! Here is the tournament line up (round 1), some of the girls I will be voting for, their seed, and their match date: (the ones I am voting for are in bold  italic and is purple just hover over them)

Round 1~ 
Thursday, December 1:
#1. Clary(1) vs Kate(32) Winner: Clary
#2. Juliette(16) vs Cammie (17) Winner: Cammie

 Saturday, December 3: 
#3. Annabeth(9) vs Kat(24) Winner: Kat
#4. Meghan(8) vs Max(25) Winner: Meghan

Monday, December 5:
#5. Hermoine(4) vs Claire(29) Winner: Hermoine
#6.  Katsa (13) vs Emerson(20) Winner: Emerson

Wednesday, December 7:
#7. Bella(12) vs Janie(21) Winner: Janie
#8. Tris(5) vs Bryn(28) Winner: Tris

Friday, December 9:
#9. Katniss(2) vs Fire(31) Winner: Katniss
#10. Luna(15) vs Sophie(18) Winner: Sophie

Monday, December 12:
#11. Nora(10) vs Alex(23) Winner: Alex
#12. Rose(7) vs Clara (26) Winner: Rose

Wednesday, December 14:
#13. Tessa(3) vs Luce(30)
#14. Aura(14) vs Kaylee (19)

Friday, December 16:
#15. Mara(11) vs Karou(22)
#16. Izzy(6) vs Calla(27)

Round 2~ The Superior 16
Monday, December 19:
#17. Clary(1) vs Cammie(17)
#18.  Kat(24) vs. Meghan(8)

Wednesday, December 21:
#19.  Hermoine(4) vs. Emerson(20)
#20.  Janie(21) vs Tris(5)

Friday, December 23: 
#21. Katniss(2) vs. Sophie(18)
#22. Alex(23) vs. Rose(7)
 * = undecided (I don't know them, cus I haven't read their books yet so I will play it by whim!)
 Here is a pic of the tourni schedule/line up matches: (this will also be constantly updated!)

(sorry it's kinda blurry but they didn't have any big pics so I had to make it large but a bigger, clearer pic is provided by clickn on the pic)

I will constantly be updating this to let you guys know what is going one so check back here periodically. Oh and so you don't have to constantly find this post a link will be up on the left sidebar, just click the tournament banner and vuala!! you'll be here! :D Vote!!! Vote!!! Vote!!!

Don't miss my upcoming guest post with Taryn Browning for Janie!! More info will be coming on that too! Plus I'm giving away a signed copy of Dark Seeker along with it! :D

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