Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!! :D

Happy Halloween Everyone!! This time of the year is always so fun to get candy, dress up and have fun! Me and my friends went to a haunted house this weekend and had a blast!! I'll admit I screamed...alot!! but definitely had fun! What do you guys do for halloween? you dress up?...if so what are you dressing up as tonight? Leave a comment and tell me you answers! :D
Other news:
Girls on Ya Books is....
The new year is coming up soon and Girls on YA books is going to go through some new changes! Starting this week I will begin re-designing my blog so pay no attention to the man behind the curtain....hahaha sorry that made no sense at all it just flowed (its from The Wizard of Oz in case any of you were wondering)...anyways like I was saying I am going to start giving my blog a whole new look!!! :D I'm so excited!! So pay no attention to the random disorder. It may tend to look bad at certain times but it will all piece together and look good in the end (hopefully).

Also some of my policies and info is going to change so watch out for that! New memes/activities will be added too! I'm really looking forward to doing this and hopefully you will like the end result as well! Although, while this construction is going on I will still be going along with regular posts, old memes, and my reviews. The construction will just be going along with it all. But have a great day!! and Happy Reading! :D
~xoxo Jaiden

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